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Gnat, the guy behind, thinks you should do one thing this weekend: something. Gnat’s Do Something Fest, to take place this Friday at The Hoosier Dome, a new all-ages venue in Fountain Square, aims to inform people about how to get involved in the DIY music, biking and vegan scenes in Indianapolis. Several bands will play alongside a vegan potluck, and all proceeds (and any donations) will go towards Freewheelin’ Community Bikes.

Nathaniel Wolos, also known as “Gnat Decay,” formed earlier this summer in an effort to unite vegans across Indianapolis. The site includes recipes, resources, and a community message board for those interested in eliminating meat and dairy out of their diet. Recipes span categories such as fast and easy snacks, breakfast, dinners and baking. The resource section also offers information on vegan-friendly grocery stores and restaurants. Currently there aren't many entries on the site, but by “doing something,” Gnat hopes that people will take notice.

“I’m a pretty simple man,” said Wolos. “I like making a buttery noodle mix with broccoli, Earth Balance butter, cayenne pepper, chili powder, and some soy topping. It blows my mind and I eat it about five times a week—along with vegan quesadillas. My hope for this event is that friends will have a chance to spend some time together.”

PhotobucketGnat in Fountain Square.

The admission price is $8 without a contribution to the potluck, and $4 for those who bring any kind of vegan food. According to Gnat, this lineup was booked because, “These are all bands I love. These are people that I love, and while they aren’t all vegan I plan to have a nice bike ride, eat some good food, and watch some great music.”

As as for that lineup (detailed on the flyer below): Indianapolis Forever, is an up-and-coming group fronted by Stephen Zumbrun of Piradical Productions that has yet to record, but has played shows at The Hoosier Dome and in a garage. Toby Foster will bring his folk sounds up from Bloomington, with vegan Will Power in tow. Bloomington's Pink Houses from Bloomington will engage in some noisy punk rock antics.

Headlining the festival is Full Rainbow, formerly known as The Sorely Trying Days. These gentlemen are infamous for their catchy hardcore and energetic shows. They released a demo over the summer, and are reportedly “consuming a lot of beers” while working on their new full length.

Those donations for Freewheelin’ Community Bikes will head towards an organization with a mission to send home children with refurbished bikes - but only after those kids have put in the time to learn how their bikes work. Organizers often work with bikes rescued from landfills or take in weathered donations and transform them into workable wheels.

“We really don’t want anyone to pay $8,” Gnat says about the cover. “If someone isn’t familiar with vegan food we will have a list of vegan items at the door that they can pick up at any grocery store. Or they could just bring 2-liters of soda or water. Also—there may be a vegan hot dog eating contest.” A similar concert is planned for late October.


When Gnat isn’t trying to inspire more vegan options around Indianapolis he operates the independent net label Useless World Records and makes buttons through Decaying Youth.

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