GenCon: Day Four

GenCon: From "Self Park" to "Elf Park"...beautiful.

The last day of GenCon was like the last day of summer vacation. Everyone knew the good times were coming to an end, so they tried to hold on to those last few fleeting moments as long as they could.

The main exhibition hall was as packed as ever with gamers making last-minute purchases. By Sunday afternoon, most T-shirt vendors were out of any sizes above a medium. Some lumbered around the Convention Center still in their costumes, refusing to accept that the end had come.

On the front drives of the surrounding hotels, gamers from far-off lands bid farewell to their GenCon friends as they piled into taxis bound for the airport. Luggage was sulkily lugged around as attendees made their final rounds of the Convention Center.

After all the dust had settled, downtown seemed a lonely place. Hotel lobbies were calm and quiet, the Convention Center became a ghost town (save for the cleaning crews) and restaurants saw their normal clientele slowly return.

GenCon was a huge event for the city this year and has been since it moved here from Milwaukee in 2003. The contract for GenCon in Indianapolis lasts until 2015, but let’s hope that it stays here much longer than that. I hope that in the near future, the world will forget about the silly 500 mile waste-of-gas in Speedway and start thinking of Indianapolis as the gaming capital of the world!

So while GenCon may be gone until next year, some rowdy gamers left us a friendly reminder that they won’t be gone for long...

  • Sara Baldwin
  • GenCon: From "Self Park" to "Elf Park"...beautiful.

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