FUTURISTIQUE: Where Techno Meets Burlesque

Adam Jay

  • Jason Campbell
  • Adam Jay

After a long, hard night of raging at our Nightlife Guide Launch Party on Friday, I was seeking something a little less demanding and laid back for my Saturday night entertainment, which is why I’m still wondering how I ended up at FUTURISTIQUE: Where Techno Meets Burlesque.

Arriving well after the party had gotten started (due to an obligatory appearance at the T. Party Spring Collection fashion show on the northside), I entered White Rabbit Cabaret during the burlesque peep-show that preceded Adam Jay’s revered Live PA birthday set. A series of scantily-clad women from The Rocket Doll Revue each took their turn giving a feisty performance to the mass of bodies that gathered around the stage. A true work of art, each woman used a different theme (my favorite was the futuristic babe whose costume was adorned with the scraped innards and wires of an electrical device) to curate their outfit. Creative dance and striptease saw each woman disrobe to bikini bottoms and pasties before disappearing backstage as another paraded to the front.

After the dancers completed their performances the lights dimmed, Adam Jay took command, and the crowd rallied on the dance floor amidst a haze of flashing lights and rampant laughter.

Relative to the size of the club itself, White Rabbit Cabaret has a massive stage. FUTURISTIQUE utilized the copious amount of space better than any event I’ve seen at the venue. The DJ table was positioned in the middle, veiled from the audience by a gauzy grey curtain surrounding it. Each side of the stage was occupied by a large white sphere that gave me flashbacks from the DJ Shadow show I saw in Chicago last year. Video projectors illuminated the globes and DJ curtain with futuristic imagery supplied by VJ Benji Ramsey. Future-themed costumes and headgear speckled the audience and nearly everyone was dancing.

Kudos to Adam Jay who has been collaborating with DJ Shiva to bring the electronic community of Indianapolis something different. In a recent interview with IndyMojo.com Adam declared, “Our collective, SUBterror, used to throw raves that were built around unique concepts. They weren’t parties for the sake of parties like so many night clubs have become. There was always a message.”

If FUTURISTIQUE is any indicator of things to come from SUBterror in the future, it would be wise to start keeping tabs on them now. Here’s to seeing more of Adam Jay’s distinguishably creative work around town more often.

Danielle covers local music for NUVO.net and IndyMojo.com.


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