Fundraising for new Zero Boys album; new songs posted


A new full-length album from Indiana's Zero Boys after 20 years? Surely that's worth a trip to PledgeMusic to check out the various sponsorship levels the group is offering to those who support the release of their new LP Monkey.

From the band:

After 20 years we've recorded a new album and we are very excited for you to hear it. This record was recorded mostly live in the studio in several sessions over the last year. We touch on the sound we created in 1982 on the Vicious Circle album but this album also has a bit more pre-punk vibe. We had a great time making this record and that vibration is locked in the grooves.

We will be releasing the album on vinyl, CD, and digital download. We have many fantastic exclusives available so please check them out. Also, we have chosen Greenpeace as our charity because they are bad ass punks:)

15 songs with themes including: monkeys running amok, mom's that want to f*ck s*it up, the United States splitting in half, Satan, too much internets, love, and war.

Song list:


Detroit Boys

The Third Strike

Someone to Blame


Sex Change

Pro Dirt

Living Library

Monkey Meat


Noise Floor

White Face

Put Some Lipstick On It

Look Me Over

Almost Cried

Have a listen to the songs in the video and if you like it... please consider pledging.

Super Love - Paul-Z, Mark Cutsinger, Scott Kellogg, Dave Lawson