Full Rainbow: Fighting frost with mosh


As we all know from our middle school science classes, heat is created on the atomic level. As tiny, tiny atoms move, they create more and more heat. With the city covered in a thick shell of ice and frigid temperatures lingering, we can all look to our atomic building blocks for a great idea to stay warm.

What these atoms are doing to create heat is more or less moshing. Yes, they are moshing with each other to create heat. If tiny atoms can mosh to create heat, we, as multi-cellular globs of bone and flesh (and BILLIONS of atoms), can mimic the moshing of our atoms.

While moshing on the atomic level may occur naturally, moshing on the multi-cellular-glob-of-bone-and-flesh level generally requires sonic stimulation. Luckily for us, newly localized stoner hardcore trio Full Rainbow a prepared to deliver a strong dose of the sonic stimulation required to induce moshing.

Full Rainbow turned heads in 2009 with their debut album, Survival Mode, which was released under the name The Sorely Trying Days. The band formed in the modern wasteland of Kokomo and their rusting, rotting hometown was immediately a subliminal influence on the band's lyrics and music. Songs like "Failing Engines" and "Everybody's Bitch" screamed with a bitterness that could only have been cultivated in a brutally oppressive environment like Kokomo.

  • FULL RAINBOW: Cannibal Corpse would be proud...

After touring in support of Survival Mode for close to a year, the band underwent some shakeups. For starters, long-time friend and fellow "Koko-Bro" Mike Wilson replaced John Rinehart on bass. With the line-up change, the founding members, twin brothers Adam and Alex Jones, thought it made sense to switch names to Full Rainbow.

With a change of bass players and a change of name, the band completed their transition period with a change in setting. The Jones brothers (not to be confused with The Jonas Brothers) packed up and left Kokomo behind in exchange for the side streets of Indianapolis. After a year of settling in their new environment, the band is finally re-activating and hitting the road again.

Coinciding with their new tour is the release of their first new material since Survival Mode. A new 7" (the band's first) is being released tonight at the band's tour kick-off show at The Dojo in midtown. The EP's two songs, "Revolution Binge" and "Blackout Race", showcase the bands more developed, more technical sound. Sure, the songs are just as heavy as they've always been, but now it is apparent that a lot more thought has gone into the songwriting process. The bass lines, in particular, stand out more than ever.

So, while the rest of the city is blowing mouthfulls of hot air into freezing hands or raising their already staggering gas bills by cranking up the heat, Full Rainbow, along with their buddies in riff-heavy rock band Step Dads and hip garage act Vacation Club (also of Kokomo origin), will be warming things up with their atomic, mosh-inducing tunes.


FULL RAINBOW 7" Release show



7 PM

$5 (or $6 for non-members)


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