Peter Frampton, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Hilbert Circle Theatre

Saturday, April 14, 8 p.m.

Six weeks after it was announced that he had won the 2007 Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental album for his latest release, Fingerprints, Peter Frampton had still not received the trophy, but he’s honored just the same.

“I think they’re still getting the engraving done on it,” Frampton says. “I am humbled by winning it. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Fingerprints is a well-crafted collection of acoustic and electric instrumentals that spans several musical genres — blues, Latin ballads, R&B, country and, of course, rock. It’s a project Frampton had been planning to do for some time.

“I have different tastes in music based on the different influences I’ve had musically,” he says. “I didn’t want this album to be ‘elevator music.’ I wanted it to be something that you would want to turn up the volume when you listen to it. It was a challenge for me.”

Among the artists who appear on Fingerprints are Hank Marvin and Brian Bennett, members of the group the Shadows, one of Frampton’s earliest musical influences.

“Hank is the first guitarist I remember seeing and hearing play,” Frampton recalls, “and to have him and Brian appear on the album and to write the song [‘My Cup of Tea’] with them was one of the most exciting moments in my life. It was definitely the realization of a dream.”

Several shows on his current tour feature Frampton performing with a symphony orchestra. With arranger Steve Reineke’s contributions, Frampton’s classic and new material sound “terrific.”

It’s hard to believe that Frampton’s classic album, Frampton Comes Alive, did not earn the then 25-year-old guitar virtuoso from Beckenham, Kent, a single Grammy. (His competition that year included Stevie Wonder’s Songs from the Key of Life and the Barry Manilow tune, “I Write the Songs.”)

But by winning the prestigious Grammy Award all these years later for Fingerprints, it means even more to Frampton.

“It’s much sweeter to receive the Grammy now,” he says.


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