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DJ Metrognome

  • Nick Saligoe a.k.a DJ Metrognome

There are a lot of great things happening at The Jazz Kitchen on Wednesday. Last week, we previewed the Black Milk show that will headline the evening's festivities. In addition to his performance, the rescheduled J Dilla Tribute Show (canceled during the great 2011 ice storm) will finally unfold. Most interesting, however, are the invitation-only sessions that have been put together by Red Bull Music Academy Indiana representative Nick Saligoe a.k.a. DJ Metrognome. Below, he explains his role in this position and the opportunities he hopes to help Indianapolis talent discover through the Academy.

NUVO: For those who may not know about The Red Bull Music Academy, can you explain what their mission and purpose is?

Saligoe: The Academy provides an amazing opportunity for producers, beatmakers, singers, and musicians with an annual trip to a different city in the world. This year, selected participants will be provided an all-expense paid trip to Tokyo for 2 weeks. During that time period, they will collaborate with 29 other participants in recording sessions in custom built studios. Lectures with music greats, late night jam sessions, live shows and more will be included in the trip.

NUVO: How did you become involved with the program?

Saligoe: I have been working with Red Bull as the primary DJ for events in Indiana since 2007. The opportunity arose in 2009 to serve as the Music Academy rep for Indiana and they selected me. I hope to be doing it for quite some time into the future.

NUVO: What are your responsibilities in this role?

Saligoe: My job is to establish relationships with producers, DJ's, artists in the community and make sure that they know about the Academy's opportunities. I serve as a connector between the talent and the Academy, basically. Aside from that, I also have to be well organized and throw events that will highlight what the Red Bull Music Academy embodies and help draw in people that may be interested in what we do.

NUVO: You’re holding an info-session on Wednesday. What will be discussed?

Saligoe: We had a lot of interest in the program, so I've asked those who might be right to attend and learn more. I will be covering what will happen at the Academy and why it may be beneficial to them. A number of previous attendees have gone on to have very successful music careers and have cited the Academy as a stepping-stone for them. Hopefully everyone in attendance will be inspired to apply.

NUVO: Following the info-session, there will be a lecture with Black Milk. What is the agenda for the lecture and what kind of things might be discussed?

Saligoe: Those we've invited to learn more about the Music Academy will also have the chance to hear from Black Milk in an informal discussion and Q&A about his career, experiences in the music business, his insight into what it takes to be a successful working producer/rapper/musician and the like. The benefit to these sit-down sessions with artists is that most local talent aren't really afforded the opportunity to have actual dialogue with them and pick their brain. It's one thing to listen to someone's music and make assumptions about how they feel about certain topics, but it's much more beneficial to them to have active dialogue. It's another way we hope to connect new artists with those who are already working.

NUVO: This night is also serving as the re-scheduled J Dilla tribute, which is expected to take place after the lecture. What bands/groups/artists are performing as part of that?

Saligoe: The J Dilla tribute will include a mix of local musicians from different bands playing Dilla's compositions behind a variety of local emcee's rapping over the music. Jay Dee was a highly influential producer and had his hands in a ton of hip hop that impacted people far and wide and this is just paying homage to him and his art. Some of the local talent involved includes the Native Sun band, alpha, Mr. Kinetik, Rusty Redenbacher, Bashiri Asad, Kiana Bonds, Gabe Flowers, F.I.R.E., Son of Thought, Jaecyn Bayne, DJ Rasul, Sir Doug and more.

NUVO: Will Black Milk be performing with his live band?

Saligoe: Yes, he'll be playing with his live band, but it won't be the Will Sessions band out of Detroit he mentioned in your interview. Included in his stage show is drummer Daru Jones, AB on keys, DJ Tablesauce, and Malik on bass. They have an intense live show... I'm really excited for everyone to check them out. They won't leave anyone disappointed!

The J Dilla tribute and Black Milk show will be at the Jazz Kitchen on Wednesday March 23rd. The doors open at 8pm and it's $7 all night long.

To learn more about the Red Bull Music Academy or apply for the program, visit www.redbullmusicacademy.

Danielle covers local music for NUVO.net and IndyMojo.com.


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