Seven Degrees From Center

Emerson Theater

Saturday, Oct. 9

Even before the curtain was drawn back at the Emerson Theater, Seven Degrees From Center riled up the loyal and costumed audience with the loud thundering intensity that this band has identified as “melodic drive rock.” The band performed covered in blood and jumped right into being true entertainers for a set that was a bit too short. The Emerson was comfortably packed for the farewell show that included Shadeland, The Nancy School, Brenan and Burn the Red Sky.

7DFC started powerfully with crowd interaction and a brief addition to the band when they invited a cowbell player on stage. “As A Quick Breath” brought to life the very together, vibrant and in-your-face rock sound found on Catalog Debris, the new album produced by the band with help from Allen Kell of Shadeland.

Tim Koberstein’s voice was very clear as he dusted off “Pieces” in a way slightly different than on Oceans of Absence. This classic was nestled amidst a set consisting mostly of the new album. “Not One” followed and was embraced by the fans as they screamed back the chorus. There was a solid performance of “Memory,” and during “At Last A Path” it seemed as though the music was truly coming from within the band members.

7DFC gave a timeline of their life in Indianapolis to the audience that has grown to love them like local family by playing “Anew” off of Arion and then going back to the now with “Suddenly A Light.”

Scott Dubbs took a second to thank all the other bands for playing that night, and mentioned the move to Colorado. Ross Neu expressed his appreciation to the fans and friends they are leaving behind in the venue they consider to be home. “Lullaby” slowed it down a bit with the very light and intoxicating drum beat from Hamed Anwarsai, complemented by Koberstein’s smooth voice, and then they exploded into a thrashing and emotional goodbye. Much applause echoed throughout the night as “Looking For An Exit” bellowed quickly from the guys and proved to be the main song on the new album that, according to Neu, defines their “different, more upbeat” sound.

This display of utter love for rock and roll ended with a bloody bow and a bit of crowd lovin’ from Anwarsai. Too bad it wasn’t longer-lived, but all things must come to an end.

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