Dancing with philanthropy



Teens-only nightclub

8944 St. Peter St., Indianapolis


Fridays and Saturdays, 7 p.m., $12


Everyone says you have to change the world, but to do that, you have to start somewhere,” explains Ray Rodriguez of Xtremes, his new under-21 dance club on the Southside of Indy.

Not only is the club geared specifically for middle school and high school patrons, Xtremes also has a strict no-adults policy, unless accompanied and approved by the management.

“There’s nowhere else in this city that’s just for teens, and we want them to have fun [and] blow off steam,” Rodriguez says. “Since they’ve turned into teen-agers, probably no one has given them the opportunity. They come out here, start dancing, go wild and realize they’re OK.”

With experienced DJs spinning tracks from every music genre (spanning the Ying Yang Twins to My Chemical Romance), Xtremes has a dance floor with the capacity to fit over 400 people. It’s the newest weekend retreat for Indianapolis teens. Open every Friday and Saturday night until 1 a.m., it has the disco ball bright lights and the party vibe to attract teen-agers from all areas of the city.

“We get kids from Franklin Central, Southport, Ben Davis, Center Grove [and] Avon,” Rodriguez says.

Although there is a $12 admission fee to get in, it’s a small price to pay for six hours of freedom, both for parents and kids. With off-duty police officers patrolling the club and parking lot, a staff that has passed background checks and a metal detector at the entrance, parents and patrons can have a night free of worry and anxiety.

While Xtremes only recently opened its doors (in November 2006), it has become a fast-paced venue and is rapidly expanding from a public dance club to playing host for private parties. This month the club will host a booked battle of the bands between “B” Swift of HOT 96.3 and metal band Star 69. As the future of Xtremes moves on, it promises to be an excellent venue for burgeoning young performers.

“I’ll give them a shot,” Rodriguez says. “For those bands who are getting ready to come out of the garage, this is the perfect place for them. We want to give back. It goes back to, ‘What do you want to accomplish in this world?’ Do you want to accomplish great things? Or do you want to do nothing?”