Come on back, boys

Chris Carrabba

 Hands down Chris Carrabba was the best interview that I can ever remember. Okay, please forgive the lyrical appropriation of perhaps his most famous song with early aughts emo juggernauts Dashboard Confessional, but it really feels fitting. Carrabba was disarmingly lovely to speak with, even when I bugged him a bit about his recent viral surprise performance at a Taylor Swift-thrown bday party for Swift's BFF Abigail Anderson. (Turns out, they're both good buds and big fans of each others' music. That feels fitting, too)

After slowing down Dashboard in the last five years, Carrabba spends a lot of time touring with new stomp-folk group Twin Forks. But he's leaving his home base of Nashville to herald the call for a return of his biggest band on a joint tour with Third Eye Blind across the country. They'll play the Lawn at White River State Park together on Saturday.

And maybe – just maybe – you'll hear a new song.

On new material

“I'm less likely to [play new music] than I thought I wanted to in the beginning, only because I've tried to put myself in the position of people that have been waiting to hear us play. And I don't know if they give a shit about a new song the first time they get to see us play after all this time out. I could be wrong, so we learned 'em, and we know 'em, and we rip. But I'm waiting to see. I can only know in the moment if that's appropriate.”

On band breakups:

“Remember when the Pixies came back that first time? I just lost my mind. Another one was Weezer, when they first broke up after Pinkerton. It was real. It really seemed real, like devastatingly real. I was a kid, so I was crushed in a way that a kid can be crushed about a band breaking up. Don't they know how bad I need them? I maintain that too, but the way. If they broke tomorrow, I'd have the same reaction. Don't they know how badly I need them!”

On comeback shows:

“I'm keenly aware of the fact that we were at a point of overexposure, pure exhaustion from 300 dates a year for 10 years. If there's an exaggeration in there, it's a slight exaggeration, a slight miscalculation. So we were criticized and heralded in equal measure, and then maybe positively criticized in unequal measure, a little bit unfairly when that backlash against a scene that we were involved in happened en masse. When we took a break, I didn't know if we were coming back. And when we did, I didn't know if we were coming back to people that have moved on and didn't care anymore. But those weren't the reasons we stopped – we were just exhausted. We're rejuvenated, so we decided to come back. And I'm humbled, but I'm mostly out-of-my-mind excited that people care enough to buy these tickets this fast. For that, I'm so grateful to continue to do what I love, and know that part of what that was was that I loved these people that much.

On Taylor Swift

“Like so many others, I'm a massive fan, and I've been one from the get-go. I'm really humbled to know and I've known for a long time that she's as much of a fan, or has expressed in the same way that she's a fan, that I am about her.” 


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