Coldplay The Murat Tuesday, March 4 

A night of entertainment for the whole family. While the parents were bopping along to Elton John and Billy Joel at Conseco Fieldhouse (see review below), the kids were listening to a piano man of another genre.

Coldplay pianist, lead singer and guitarist Chris Martin had the sold-out crowd screaming, cheering and singing along to the band that has won the Best Alternative Band Grammy Award for the last two years.

The band, including drummer Will Champion, guitarist Jon Buckland and bass player Guy Berryman, met while attending University College in London in 1996.

From the moment the London band struck up the first notes of "Politik," the 2,500 strong audience rose to their feet and did not touch their seats for the next hour and a half. Initially, Coldplay focussed their Murat setlist on tracks from their 2002 album, A Rush of Blood to the Head, including "Clocks," "Daylight" and "God Put a Smile Upon My Face."

However, when it came to playing tracks from their first album, Parachutes, the British group seemed to relish being on the Murat stage even more. During "Yellow," Martin put away his instruments and began jumping around the stage in a lively dance - a cross between a man shimmying up a rope and a salmon attempting to swim upstream.

Should he have cut down on the sugar before taking to the stage? Not likely. His energy nearly lifted the roof off the room.

Coldplay, in Indianapolis as part of their eight-month world tour, concluded their set with "The Scientist" before returning to the stage for an encore of "In My Place" and "Don"t Panic."

Thoroughly pleased by the performance, the audience stood and roared until Martin came back to perform a new solo acoustic song entitled "Proof." "It's about the most beautiful girl in the world, whoever that may be," he prefaced. One might hazard a guess as to the answer: his current girlfriend, Gwyneth Paltrow, perhaps?

The evening was summed up by a petite and very drunken nurse who was teetering next to me during the performance. When I asked her if she was annoyed by having her view obscured by an extremely tall man standing in front of her, she simply replied, "What tall guy? I didn't notice him at all. I was having too much fun."

Photo by Jayson Teig


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