Club Review: Wild Beaver Saloon


Wild Beaver Saloon

20 E. Maryland St.


Hours: 7 p.m.-3 a.m. Wednesday–Saturday; open Sundays during and after Pacers and Colts home games

Shout out that you need another helping of “hairy beaver” at most bars and you’ll make an involuntary and abrupt movement toward the exit.

At Wild Beaver Saloon, however, yell for virtually anything beaver-related and you’ll be quickly visited by a foxy, smiling waitress in a midriff-baring T-shirt emblazoned with a Beaver Patrol logo.

Located at 20 E. Maryland St., Wild Beaver Saloon welcomes such overtures for hedonistic behavior and it offers various beverages that can coax them out. Modeled after Coyote Ugly, Wild Beaver offers an opportunity for patrons to really cut loose in a club built for fun. Rough-hewn interior siding adds to a rustic bayou atmosphere that combines casual relaxation with the rowdy possibilities of a college frat house.

Wild Beaver is definitely a place for the younger crowd — a crowd with a gnawing desire for flagons of “Beaver Brew” (Busch Light) and “Hairy Beaver” (Hawaiian Punch and vodka). Aside from those randy house specialties, and Indy’s only Patron Tequila dispenser (produces shots of Patron at a tongue-numbing eight degrees), the remainder of Wild Beaver’s alcohol selection is pretty unremarkable. Plus, the bar doesn’t serve food, except complimentary in-the-shell peanuts, edging the Wild Beaver that much closer to being a college house party rather than a typical downtown nightclub.

Westsiders Ric and Kerry Payne, who’ve owned several other notable clubs including Eden, Circle Bar Saloon and McGilvrey’s, co-own the bar with Michael Graham and Will Howe.


• Dress is very casual; crowd is usually under 35.

• Wednesday and Thursday feature college crowd.


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