Circa Survive

Emerson Theater

Friday, March 3, 7:30 p.m.

Tickets: $10

The fresh new sound of Circa Survive is reminiscent of At the Drive-In, but with a modern twist. Formed by Anthony Green on vocals and Colin Frangicetto on guitar in early 2004, these Philly natives have grown into a real success story in less than two years. Their debut album Juturna was released last April on Equal Vision and they have not stopped touring since.

Joined by Brendan Ekstrom on guitar, Nick Beard on bass and Steve Clifford on drums, the band has cultivated a unique sound that breaks through all barriers. They do not censor their artistry, which is evident by their emotionally drenched songs such as their singles “Act Appalled” and “Stop the Car.”

“We all have different goals artistically,” commented Frangicetto, which explains the individuality of the album as a whole.

Shortly after the band’s lineup was finalized, the guys purchased a house where they all live together. They even have a recording studio conveniently located in their backyard.

Circa Survive are true believers of keeping things short, simple and to the point. “We typically play a 30-40 minute set, which is just enough time for our audience to truly feel the emotion that went into each song on the album,” Frangicetto explained.

Circa Survive will headline this Friday, March 3 at the Emerson Theater. Joining them will be Days Away, Drive By and Sybris. Starting next week the band joins Saves the Day on tour until May. They will be playing at Bogart’s in Cincinnati on Friday, April 7.

“We don’t want to become the biggest band ever. We just want to do what comes naturally without worrying about satisfying anyone else,” said Frangicetto. And that is exactly what Circa Survive achieves.


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