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Chubby Wadsworth Lovers of live music, local icons and filmmaking will all be catered to at Chubbstock, being held Sunday, Jan. 8 at the Vogue. The show is an homage to the great Chubby Wadsworth, onetime owner of the Patio and a mentor to hundreds of local musicians.

Performing at the show will be No Net featuring Toby Myers and Moe ZMD, Cuzz and the Pain Killerz, Zion Crossroad, Rods and Cones, Down Betty, Stockwell Roads, the Rastabilly Rebels, Dire Wolf and Rick Clayton.

Wadsworth, 58, suffered a heart attack in 2003 but is back at work as a soundman, after years of running nightclubs.

“This show has talent out the wazoo,” he says. “You can’t get a better show than this for 10 bucks and I’ve been putting on shows all my life.”

Wadsworth, who bought the Patio in the 1970s on what he said was a “tequila drunk” and then sold it a decade later for a large profit, says he’s more into promoting shows than running a venue.

About his previous club, Club LaSalle, he says, “Everyone’s suing everyone. The important thing is that I’m in good health and I’m being a good boy.”

Wadsworth and promoter Bill Levin were a two-man wrecking and promoting crew throughout the 1970s and 1980s, bringing such acts as the Red Hot Chili Peppers to the Patio, not knowing the band would be wearing socks over their genitals.

Independent filmmaker Scott O’Harra will be chronicling the event for an upcoming documentary on Wadsworth and his life and times. A “roast” may even be held, with some of Chubby’s friends taking the mic to salute their pal. Advance tickets are $10 and are available through and the Vogue box office. Most of the acts on the bill have ties to Wadsworth in some form or another. Rick Clayton, formerly of the Late Show, is a sought-after Christian artist. Myers, known for his work with John Mellencamp, is a longtime friend.

“I guarantee you won’t be disappointed,” Wadsworth said. He emphasizes the show is not a benefit but an opportunity to build the music community.

A February show in Nashville is designed to bring music moguls to check out Indiana artists.

Underwater Tea Party, the new locally owned indie label, will feature a lineup of experimental acts at the Big Car Gallery, 1043 Virginia Ave. The 9 p.m. Friday show will be part of the Masked art show at Big Car Gallery in Fountain Square.

The lineup includes More Animals of the Arctic, Drekka, Justin Vollmar and Bear & Pieces.

Michael Tapscott is also More Animals of the Arctic. Standard Recording Company will be releasing his debut on March 21, An Appendix of Whaling Terms. Imagine the sound of Neil Young covering Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight,” or the spacey synth groups of yesterday like The Blue Nile or Prefab Sprout. It is dark pop music about sperm whales and King David.

Another notable show will take place on Friday, when the legendary Vulgar Boatmen and soon-to-be-legendary Gentleman Caller play the Melody. On Sunday, Amongst the Swarm will play at 9 p.m. at the Mel with the New Jersey hardcore band So I Had To Shoot Him.

On Monday, Project.44, featuring Charles Levi of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, will play a 9:30 p.m. show at the Mel.

In other news, the lovable Celtic-rock band Mother Grove finished recording its new live CD and is in the studio mixing and mastering as you read this. They’ll take a break from that work to play the Claddagh on Friday night. MP3s from the live album will be posted on their Web site “soon.”


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