A bookstore may be the last place you'd expect to find rock 'n' roll music. But Michelle Malone performed at Out Word Bound bookstore, 625 N. East St., on a Sunday afternoon in early December as part of the store's new "Music in the Stax" series of concerts. Acoustic rock artist Michelle Malone performs at Out Word Bound.

It was folding-chair entertainment at its best, just Michelle, her drummer LB-1, a drum set and a couple of small amps, performing for the crowd of 40. But even with such a stripped-down setup, Michelle Malone tore through an electrifying set that combined rock, country, folk and angry protest.

Tammara Tracy, co-owner of Out Word Bound, is coordinating the series of shows with "IndyIndie is a monthly gig, and there are so many other traveling musicians that needed a place. And capitalizing on Indianapolis' geographic location, as being the crossroads as the musicians are traveling the country, they need gas money and stuff like that. So you can pull in big names like Michelle Malone, treat people to something really wonderful."

Tracy said that Out Word Bound's being a bookstore adds to its viability for live music.

"We're quieter, and people are usually here to really listen to the music," Tracy said. "No smoke! The musicians like that, because it's very hard on your vocal cords. And there's a lot of people out there who like good music who want to avoid being around alcohol. It's very intimate."

Malone said the stop was a nice change in pace on her tour.

"Don't think I've ever played a bookstore before!" Malone said. "It was really awesome. A lot of times people aren't there just to hear you, like with an in-store or something. People were really attentive, clapped in all the right places - you couldn't really ask for more. It was almost like playing a house party or something like that."

Tracy said her ultimate goal was to support independent art.

"Just like NUVO, just like Vic's next door, just like the musicians. It's people operating and celebrating and thriving independence," Tracy said. "Independent bookstores, independent musicians. And it's a good thing."

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