Bottoms Up Burlesque


with Creepin’ Charley and the Boneyard Orchestra, Atomic Bombay

Radio Radio, 1119 E. Prospect St.

Saturday, March 22, 9 p.m., $8, 21+

The ladies of Bottoms Up Burlesque have been bringing their distinctive brand of comedy and alluring burlesque to a fall show at the Melody Inn every year. This week, they’ll be expanding with their first full-on spring show at Radio Radio, with performances from Creepin’ Charley and Atomic Bombay.

Founded in 2004 and headed up by Ginger Sassparilla, Anita Cocktail and Sadie Mae Cutebottom, Bottoms Up includes about a dozen women, with equally creative names such as Eva Destruction and Dee Moraleyes, presenting a diverse array of classic vaudevillian burlesque acts — in other words, teasing games, not stripping — with their own modern edge.

Although they’ve done occasional small performances, including short bits at Locals Only the third Thursday of every month (including tomorrow!), the Spring Fling is their first all-out show outside of the Melody Inn shows since the beginning.

All proceeds go to, a nationwide charity supporting victims of breast cancer.

“We’ve met people who have really benefited from this organization, so we know the effect it can have,” Anita says.

The group also appreciates the way classical burlesque embraces all body types, shapes and sizes.

“We’re all sexy, we’re all beautiful in our own way and we can express that through burlesque,” Ginger says. “But there’s that element of tongue in check to everything. We’re not, ‘Ohmigod, we’re so sexy.’ It’s funny sexy.”

“That’s what really makes a person sexy: confidence and attitude, the genuineness, the acceptance of their flaws,” Sadie says.


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