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Wednesday, July 27

Vision of Disorder carved a lethal swath through the burgeoning mid-'90s metalcore scene, marrying caustic riffs with hardcore ferocity. But like too many bands before and after them, they fell victim to the business side of the industry. Bloodsimple

Four years after VOD's siren call, two former members - vocalist Tim Williams and guitarist Mike Kennedy - are back on the scene with a similarly ruthless sound that isn't afraid to show a melodic side.

Their new vehicle, Bloodsimple, will perform July 27, 8:30 p.m. at the Music Mill with Static-X, American Head Charge and 10 Years. For Williams and Kennedy, their new gig was originally supposed to be a side project, before VOD's record label/band relations went south.

"VOD, it's like the shit just kinda fell," Williams said during a recent phone interview. "We had 10 really strong, good years, four great records, tons of fans. But we just felt like it was time to take a break. It was cene and the endless supply of enthusiastic headbangers ready to unleash any type of aural treachery one can imagine.

"The only thing that scares me about [metal music right now] is if it becomes a trend, then that's the beginning of the end right there," Williams said. "What do trends do? Trends die.

"But metal's been underground forever, and now it's back and rearing its face again. I'm really glad to be a part of that."

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