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For the band Flynnville Train, a phone call from Toby Keith’s booking agency kept them from “quitting the business and going fishin.’”

According to the lead vocalist Brian Flynn, the band — his brother Brent (lead guitar), Tim Beeler (bass), Tommy Bales (drums) and Jeremy Patterson (rhythm guitar) — were about to quit the music business in 2005 “because [they] were tired of it.”

But a CD they had recorded under the direction of Richard Young of the Kentucky Headhunters had been passed to Curt Motley at Monterey Peninsula Artists, who gave it to Keith.

“Two weeks before that Christmas, our manager got a call from Megan Smith [at Monterey] to do a showcase, and he hung up on her,” Flynn recalls. “Twenty minutes later, she called back, and told him Toby Keith wanted us to play at his bar. Within 48 hours, we were on a plane to Vegas!”

After their appearance at Keith’s bar, Flynnville Train was signed to his label, Show Dog Nashville. The band’s first single, “Last Good Time,” a raucous party song, was released March 5, and the group’s self-titled debut CD will be released on July 24.

“There’s no lack of communication between us and Toby,” Flynn says. “He’s always telling us to ‘keep doing what you’re doing.’”

Even with all the attention from the fans, the label and the media, Flynn continues to follow advice his late father gave him.

“Our dad told us ‘No matter what you do, never get above your fans.’”


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