A love letter to NOFX

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A love letter to NOFX


Last Friday, some friends and I drove down to Covington, Kentucky to see the best band on Earth: NOFX. You may be asking yourself how I can make such an outrageous statement. I’ve thought long and hard about this and I feel safe making such claims. If you think about it, NOFX does hold the record for longevity and relevancy.

The Beatles were a great band, but they broke up after ten years. Talking Heads were absolutely amazing and clocked in nearly 20 years as a band, but their last few albums were junk (have you heard Naked? YIKES!). The Clash released some of the most important, influential albums of all time, but nine years into their career, they released Cut The Crap, which was, ironically, crap. Bands like Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones and ACDC, who are still touring and recording today after 30+ years, stopped making good albums years ago.

Yet NOFX prevails. After 27 years of brilliantly moronic punk rock antics, NOFX hasn’t lost steam. Their most recent album, Coaster, while not perfect, contained some incredible songs (“Best God In Show”, “I AM an Alcoholic”, etc) and “My Orphan Year”, which just might have been the best punk song of 2009.

Not only are their albums still good, but their live show, to this day (or last Friday at least), is the true proof of their excellence. When I saw them, they still thrashed around on stage like young fools and they played like they still wanted to impress the crowd. It was lots of fun.

I love NOFX but I have a problem with having to drive to Kentucky every time I want to see them. The next time I see them, I want to see them here, in Indianapolis. I know for a fact that they haven’t been back since they played in Indianapolis since 1995 (and once again, Warped Tours don’t count). So I am begging for anyone in the city to help bring NOFX here. A Squared Industries is probably the most plausible promotion group to bring a band like NOFX to the city, but I’m willing to do anything to get them here. Hotshot blogger/promoter MOKB should even try to book the show. Even if Burnt Ones and Slothpop ended up opening, it would still be a NOFX show and I wouldn’t have to drive to Kentucky to see it.

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