Best part of WARMfest for us? It's all the locals slated for Labor Day weekend slots. Now, we don't want you to forget about headliners like Mutemath, Big Head Todd and The Monsters, The Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Sebadoh and Why? (plus all the others we've written about in previous pages), but there's nothing like seeing one of your favorite locals on a big stage. Here's a collection of various local artists, alphabetized for your reading pleasure. It's not a complete list — there's frankly too many of them — but it will at provide a solid look at the mix of local artists WARMfest is offering. Here's where Broad Ripple Music Fest's contributions come in.


Action Jackson:

Saturday. Rad Summer baron and man-about-town Jackson DJs some of the hottest nights in town, including Real Talk (with A-Squared DJs, also playing) and Night Moves.

Andy D:

Saturday. Mr. D and the Anna Vision are epic touring machines, setting out solo and with the Ghost Gun Summer boys this year. They're uber pros – uber pros with fanny packs, wigs and lots of glitter.


Sunday. This sextet won last year's Next Big Thing, and prides themselves on their commitment to Indy's local scene and their constantly morphing and tough-to-categorize sounds. One thing's for sure: you can hear members' marching band backgrounds in every note.

Ayokay DJs:

Sunday. Jackola, a.k.a. Jack Shepler (one of the WARMfest directors and the director of Broad Ripple Music Fest) and Brandon Patr!k are marking their first outing together as Ayokay DJs at WARMfest.

Bashiri Asad:

Friday. This soulful singer appears perhaps most often at the Jazz Kitchen, but we'd follow Bashiri anywhere. We're not sure if he'll appear with his band Xenobia Green, but fingers are crossed the answer is yes.

Brandon Tinkler:

Sunday. This young singer-songwriter is cruising on new album Nowhere to Run, released in July. He's a talented writer experimenting with a variety of styles.

Breakdown Kings:

Sunday. Fresh off their slot at Kammy's Kause (Breakdown King Jared Hiner is Kammy's dad), the Kings hit up a Sunday slot at WARMfest.

Busman's Holiday:

Saturday. From their days busking on the edges of Bloomington's Farmers' Market, we've followed the brothers Rogers from baby band to breakout roots hit. Their debut Joyful Noise LP is a delicate and beautiful release.

Christian Taylor, Vess von Ruhtenberg:

Monday. These guitarists will play together in a Wapahani River Session on Monday. They're dynamite with their legions of bands, but we like seeing them play solo, too. Don't forget, tickets to these cruises are sold separately from your general festival pass.


Friday. A favorite of NUVO's Barfly, Coolidge grew out of Chris Smail's previous band Johnny Socko – but this group is more power pop than ska.


Sunday. This Broad Ripple DJ school just passed its six-month mark, but their students and teachers (including DJs Metrognome, Topspeed, Chase and Cool Hand Lex) have already showcased at various Broad Ripple locales.

DJ Topspeed:

Sunday. This legend on the stacks was just honored with a massive mural on Mass Ave. Come see what the fuss is about – he's truly a wizard.

The Easthills:

Sunday. Straight ahead rock and roll from good ol' Hoosier boys. They say they worked on 2013 LP Death of a Salesman for more than fifteen years.

Freddie Bunz and Friends:

Saturday. We're guessing the "Friends" part of this band will be the Ghost Gun Summer gang, i.e. Oreo Jones, Grey Granite, Sirius Black and John Stamps.

Hero Jr.:

Sunday. The subject of a massive Wayne Bertsch-illustrated cover story and a favorite of NUVO's, Hero Jr. is adding a raucous live show reputation to a solid rock and roll backbone.

Kid Quill:

Sunday. This DePauw youngster's a bit of an accidental success, by his own admission. But he embraced his viral success wholeheartedly, and has hustled ever since, securing opening slots for Riff Raff and SoMo.


Saturday. We're sad to see Kristin Newborn (also called KO) leave Indy, but we'll be consoled with this Saturday set. She and bandmate Todd Heaton (Street Spirits) have an album forthcoming on Joyful Noise.

Last IV:

Saturday. This local supergroup of mythic proportions is rumored to be in the studio. Right now, Vess, Tufty, Rusty and Devon's set is cover-heavy, but we bet we'll see some new originals at this fest set.

No Coast:

Sunday. Dig this irrepressibly fun rock from Kokomo. We loved their release Rock and Roll All Night (Yeah Right) release last year, and they followed it up with a short and sweet 7-inch this winter.


Sunday. This mainstay is cruising on the success of last year's Dirty Looks LP. Don't miss their video for "Flatbush," directed by Matt Mays and still rumbling around in our brains.

The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band:

Sunday. What can be said about the Rev? He and the Big Damn Band are consummate professionals, known the world over for amazing live bluegrass, and we get to claim them for our very own.


Saturday. In case you didn't realize that WARMfest is super warm to the kids in your life (10 and under are free with an adult!), they booked Scott Rudicel, a.k.a. Ruditoonz, superstar kids performer and all-around fun dude.

Sleeping Bag:

Saturday. We're gaga over this Bloomington trio's new release Deep Sleep and its irresistible slack-inspired gems, as NUVO writer Seth Johnson calls them. They've got a Wapahani River Session booked, too.

Sweet Poison Victim:

Saturday. This Afro-Caribbean funk group is so large they can barely fit on some stages. We bet the WARMfest stage will be plenty big, though. They were our favorite part of Fountain Square Music Fest (and most shows they're on, to be honest), so block out some time for these jammers.

The Twin Cats:

Monday. As Barfly calls it, this band is owning the local music scene right now. And they actually are twins! That's Adam and Seth Catron, who bring the sweaty blues and funk jams alongside Phil Geyer and Cameron Reel. We do miss sax wizard Nicholas Gerlach, but they're holding it down without him just fine.

Zero Boys:

Friday. As classic Hoosier punk as classic Hoosier punk gets. Known the world over for a reason, and still releasing new music.


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