Top EDM moments of 2012

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Top EDM moments of 2012

The Crystal Method

Danielle Look counts down her top moments in Indy music in 2012. Do you agree? Add your voice in the comments.

Wildest Live EDM show: Steve Aoki & Datsik at The Egyptain Room 2/21

Steve Aoki's live show may often be criticized for his overuse of gimmicks, but when you're in the front of the crowd assisting a world famous DJ as he crowd-surfs over your head in a rubber dingy it's impossible not to have a memorable time.

Best Overall: The Crystal Method at The Vogue 2/24

The pair of legendary DJs schooled the EDM noobs on authentic production while simultaneously delighting their lifelong, dedicated fans.

Best Dubstep Show: Bare at The Mousetrap 3/1

With dubstep's oversaturation of unoriginal production in 2012, Bare's innovative performance at Altered Thurzdaze was a refreshing change of pace.

Worst Ear Assault: Excision at The Egyptain Room 3/18

When rattling windows can be heard outside the venue and your fans are vomiting inside, it's time to rethink your sound system, brah.

Most Entertaining: Major Lazer at The Vogue 5/29

With the hypiest of hype men and sexy, ratchet dancers, this dancehall show was drenched in energy... and sweat.

Best Visuals: Shpongle at The Vogue 5/8

Show I Wish I Hadn't Missed: Ztrip at The Vogue 6/15

Most badass: Dieselboy at Skybar 6/1 and at The Mousetrap 9/6

Travel problems prevented Dieselboy from taking stage at Skybar until 2 in the morning for the June edition of Indy Mojo's RISE series, so he came back for redemption in September to deliver two of the best drum-n-bass shows of the year.

Best Crossover Show: Dopapod at The Mousetrap 10/26

This rare show from Brooklyn's experimental funk-rock live band Dopapod attracted a fine mixture of jam and electronia fans for an exceptionally unique Friday night show at The Mousetrap.

Douchebaggiest DJ to play Indianapolis: Butch Clancy 12/14

Complaining about fog machines, chastising smokers for stepping outside during his set, and bragging about his level of drunkenness are just a few of the ways Butch Clancy showed his true colors at Solstice in December.

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