Second Helpings has grown tremendously in the last decade. Here, we present a timeline of milestones for the Southeast Side nonprofit. All proceeds from Tonic Ball support the work Second Helpings does in the community.

1998 — 60 meals prepared and delivered on the first day in a kitchen space in the old RCA factory at 10th and Michigan.

1999 — 20 other social service agencies receive food from Second Helpings at no cost

2000 — 28th student graduates from Culinary Job Training Program

2001 — One millionth pound of food rescued. The first Tonic Ball is held.

2002 — 36 social service agencies receive food at no cost from Second Helpings.

2003 — One millionth meal prepared and delivered

2004 — Over 100 graduates from the Culinary Job Training Program

2005 — Second Helpings moves to 1121 Southeastern Ave

2006 — 5,000,000 pound of food rescued

2007 — Second Helpings distributes its 3 millionth meal

2008 — 10 million pounds rescued, 300 Culinary Job Training Graduates

2009 — 4 millionth meal distributed

2010 — 400th student graduated from Culinary Job Training Graduates

2011 — 15,000,000 pound of food rescued.

Ten years, ten figures:


In honor of Tonic Ball X, we present 10 important figures from the nonprofit supported by the event, Second Helpings.

1. Second Helpings prepared and delivered 3,074 meals in the first month of operation in 1998. Last month they prepared and delivered 58,839 meals.

2. Second Helpings rescued 7099 pounds of food in the first month of operation (1998). Last month 161,679 pounds of food were rescued.

3. The first Culinary Job Training Class had one graduate; now the total is 462. Second Helpings has graduated 65 classes as of this month.

4. Since inception in 1998, volunteers have donated 196,553 hours of their time.

5. Since inception, Second Helpings has prepared and delivered 5,874,929 meals.

6. Sunil Deo, graduate of Second Helpings Culinary Job Training Class #54, was chosen to be one of the faces of Indianapolis for the Super Bowl.

7. Second Helpings has over 600 active volunteers; the organization relies on at least 30 volunteers a day to prepare and deliver the meals, teach students and keep the facility maintained. The volunteers outnumber the staff at least two to one each day.

8. The Second Helpings fleet has grown from one van to a fleet of two refrigerated box trucks and eight delivery vans.

9. Chef Sam Brown, Culinary Job Training director is a graduate of Class #8; Chef Liz Gimenez, director of hunger relief is a graduate of Class #33.

10. In its first month, Second Helpings served six partner agencies. Last month, sixty were served.

All information provided by Second Helpings' Nora Spitznogle.


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