Warped Tour for newbies, as told by the bands

Warped Tour 2014

If you're reading this, you probably saw our survival guide on attending Warped Tour. Maybe you didn't see that. If you're reading this, it's too late, but only because Warped Tour is in the past now and you probably survived it on your own. But now we have this post to help wrap things up!

I spoke with Kyle Vaught from Handguns, Andrew Johnson from Have Mercy, Nick Hamm from Citizen and Fort Wayne's own Grey Gordon about a whole bunch of stuff beyond surviving Warped Tour. Here are some highlight quotes direct from their mouths (minus Nick, his interview was over email). Also, ignore me laughing in a few places.


1. When he talks about Have Mercy's daily routine on Warped Tour

2. When Have Mercy became best friends with RiFF RAFF

3. When he gives advice to try-hard local bands on the Ernie Ball stage

4. When he turns Dad-mode on all the kids

5. When he deems Have Mercy the emo-apostles of Warped Tour

6. When he says Warped Tour is full of all kinds of music


1. When he said he's been personally tested by Warped Tour

2. When he says his favorite Warped bands

3. When he gets real about Attila

4. When he spills his love for the Midwest

5. When he admits how hard Warped Tour is for the smaller bands


1. When he preaches to the smaller bands to keep it posi

2. When they lost their drummer mid-Warped Tour and how they kept going


1. When he said what Warped Tour has taught him

"I've learned that I hate summer. It's miserable out here and I smell terrible. But the shows are fun, at least."

2. When he explained why they even are playing Warped Tour

"We took the tour as means of giving our record a bigger platform. We just wanted more people to hear this album that we're really proud of. This will be our last year on the tour, so I definitely wouldn't consider us a Warped Tour band even though we are literally here."

3. When he wanted to be a shining light in all of the nasty bands on Warped Tour

"I think the kids attending the tour are really impressionable and when you surround them with an environment that makes them feel like disrespect towards women (for example) is justifiable, it has a really long lasting negative affect on this realm of alternative music. I think that's why we're here. We want to be one of the bands setting ourselves apart from that. Maybe a kid will check us out and it could lead to the acknowledgment of those environments being extremely unwelcome."


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