Our resident gearhead Brett Alderman takes bands out for brews to talk about the specifics of the equipment they use to make the sounds we love – on record and onstage. For this edition, he met Dru Cadaver, Kurt Fester, Juan Acosta, Craig Chaos and Maria Cadaver of 9th Circle Symphony at Sun King for delicious pints of Osiris and Cowbell Milk Porter.

9th Circle Symphony is booked for an opening slot for Voodoo Glow Skulls at the Melody Inn in March.

NUVO: What’s the guitar rig like?

Juan Acosta: Oh my god, how much time do you have?

Maria Cadaver: Juan’s gonna talk the most.

Acosta: I basically have two setups. The live setup is a Fender Frontman 2x12” and a Schecter Omen 6, with a [Seymour Duncan] ’59 and a Jazz. Sometimes I bring a Strat copy or Explorer copy. I have another setup, but that depends on stage space. I built a big ass pedal board with a [Line 6] Pod HD500, volume pedal, a Sonic Maximizer, noise gate, delay and chorus. That goes into a Hartke GH60.

NUVO: Do you bring the Pod to live shows?

Acosta: Most of the time I don’t. There’s 5 of us and this guy [Cadaver] moves a lot…

D Cadaver: I love it when he brings it to practice and we all laugh at him, because you’re gonna use them all at practice and you’re not even gonna bring ‘em to the fucking show.

NUVO: How elaborate is the keyboard setup?

M Cadaver: I’ll be the easiest. I play a shitty Casio.

NUVO: Like CTK series shitty?

M Cadaver: I found it in Greg Brenner’s basement. I have two shitty Casios. I have a Peavey amp. The trick is turning it up to get louder than Juan. I play it on the organ setting. One’s at Jason Bambery’s right now and the other one is what I currently play at shows. It likes to randomly let the synth pop drums go off.

D Cadaver: It’s always fun when that happens. I like it.

M Cadaver: “Craig what the fuck are you doing?! Oh wait, that’s me.”


NUVO: Dru, do you use anything special on your voice?

D Cadaver: I used to sing through a bullhorn until the Misfits broke it. Or I broke it at the Misfits show. I can’t remember.

M Cadaver: You slammed it down and threw the batteries at the crowd.

D Cadaver: I used to have to have the megaphone so I could sing through the gas mask. But then I found out if I didn’t wear the gas mask you could hear me better. Imagine that. Typically, I use Shure microphones, but right now I’m using a Peavey because it was on sale and I could buy it with a gift card. I miss my bullhorn.

NUVO: Kurt, can you describe your bass setup?

Fester: I use a B.C. Rich solid body Warlock, GHS Bass Boomer strings. I have a Peavey amp, let’s call it stolen…

D Cadaver: We’ll say found instead of stolen.

Chaos: It was a Peavey.

Fester: I have a Crate with four 10” speakers. I’ll turn the gain up to get it crunchy and crappy.

NUVO: What’s your kit like, Craig?

Chaos: I play Pearl Forum drums, a 5pc, but currently I’m down to a four piece. Don’t ask. It’s easy to setup, easy to tear down. I have 14” Zildjian hi-hats, two 18” crashes and a 22” ZBT titanium ride. That thing rules.

Acosta: It’s a monster.

NUVO: What’s your recording schedule like right now?

Chaos: We’re in the midst of that right now.

D Cadaver: We’ve been recording for about six months now.

NUVO: Are you doing anything experimental in the studio?

M Cadaver: I hump Dru and Jason records it.

Acosta: There’s a lot of layered stuff. A lot of it you can barely hear [unless] you have headphones.

M Cadaver: Juan noodles.

Chaos: We don’t have any samples on this? Are we gonna use any?

D Cadaver: We’re talking about it. Obviously, we’re gonna want some air raid sirens and alarms and shit like that. I have all those fucking videos I found, like Duck and Cover. I have a whole DVD of educational videos when the Cold War was a real thing.

M Cadaver: We use to play the air raid siren at the beginning of the set, but we always had complications…

D Cadaver: It was always a problem.

M Cadaver: The CD player would skip or they wouldn’t plug it in right. My favorite was, I had it hooked in with the iPod, at the Misfits show, and it was plugged in separately. It started playing something weird in the background.

D Cadaver: I had made that 45-minute soundscape. It started off with an air raid siren and then went in to static and like radio noise. It would start the show, and then we would start playing over it. It was so freakin’ loud. It didn’t blend into the background like I wanted.

NUVO: What do you like to drink?

M Cadaver: PBR is the standard because it’s cheap and you can buy lots of it.

Chaos: I drink big ol’ Fosters oilcans and Jaeger...

M Cadaver: Or High Life

Chaos: I buy all the band beer

D Cadaver: You don’t buy all the band beer. I’ve bought my fair share. We always practice on Sunday, so you have to make it a priority to buy beer on Saturday. You can’t count on this guy, cause you know he’s gonna be hammered.

Chaos: You can count on me cause I’m at the bar getting it.


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