Super Indy: Talking football with Fuel


The band Fuel first appeared in 1998, and were largely know for their hits "Shimmer" and "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)." After American Idol star Chris Daughtry (now of epoynomous hard rock quartet Daughtry) performed an Idol-ized version of their hit "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)," iTunes downloads of that track and the rest of Fuel's discography shot up. Daughtry was even offered the lead singer position for the band.

It's been difficult to keep track of who has actually stayed in the band due to their erratic lineup changes, including the temporary departure, and subsequent return of their original lead singer, Brett Scallions. I spoke with Brett about their various members and his Super Bowl predictions, in advance of their Super Bowl Village performance.

NUVO: How does it feel to be playing at basically the biggest American sporting event of the year?

Brett Scallions: I'm a huge football fan, any time I get to be around that world, it's a good day. Go Giants!

NUVO: I was going to ask who you were rooting for.

BS: Actually, I'm a Colts fan. Unfortunately with Peyton being out this season it's been pretty harsh. Also, I lived in New York for about eight years, and living there I became a pretty big Giants fan, so I'm hoping that they can make it to the big game.

NUVO: I know the band has been through a few iterations over the past few years. Could you update us on the current lineup?

BS: Well, it's myself, I'm one of the founding members. There's Brad Stewart on bass, he's originally from Shinedown, and Ken Schalk on drums, and he's from a band called Candiria originally. On lead guitar we have Andy Andersson, and he also plays in a band called Black Robot, who are also on the rise. They're great players, and we have a lot of fun. When you come out to see a show, it's a free-for-all. We're not playing to a click track or backing tracks of any sort; it's just four guys on a stage just going for it.

NUVO: I've read you guys have been working on some new material possibly for a new album. What sort of direction will you go?

BS: I've been writing for about the past year or so, and as soon as this tour is over we're going in to the studio to start work on a new album. It'd be nice to have a few new tunes out by summer. I'm really not in any kind of direction. I'm open to all music and all styles. The artists that I grew up on, they were very broad in their styles as well, like Led Zeppelin and the Beatles. They would play the heaviest song possible, and then they'd turn around and play a country song. I'm not saying that Fuel's going to become a country band, but at the same time, I'm open to beautiful music, you know? That's what it's all about.

NUVO: What does your upcoming tour schedule look like?

BS: The tour that we're doing, the first show starts on the January 20. We're going to be out for about a month. We're excited for the opportunity to test out new songs on fans, and just to play. We go crazy if we're at home too long.

Fuel will perform at the Super Bowl Village on Tuesday, January 31 at 9 p.m


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