Super Indy: Stereo Deluxe brings new sound

The boys of Stereo Deluxe

If you're wondering how they do it on the Southside, ask Stereo Deluxe. This Indy-based hard-rock outfit has been at it since 2005 when, right out of the starting gate, they won Indy's Battle of the Bands at The Patio. Since then, they've released two full-length albums, toured across most of the U.S. and received NUVO's Artist of the Year honors three consecutive years in a row.

With a fast-paced guitar rock sound that's heavy on the kick-drum and loaded with machismo, Stereo Deluxe has a raw but well-structured sound. Listen to them long enough and you'll hear echoes of guitar rock legends from AC/DC to Guns n' Roses, but with the modern day tightness of The Strokes and the thumping, bass-slapping intensity of Muse.

We caught up with the band's lead singer and guitarist, Jay Elliot, last week to talk about the band's new guitarist, their latest single, and of course, their upcoming performances for the Super Bowl.

NUVO: So what are you guys up to at the moment?

Jay Elliot: Well, we recently had a lineup change, so we've been trying to get our new guitar player up to speed. Our old guitar player [Ben Tatum] left the band in August and we replaced him earlier this winter with Robert Kermeen. Like I say, we're just kind of getting our new lineup together and hope to be in the studio for a release this summer. But, at the same time, we're not trying to rush anything out. We're just trying to make sure the quality is there and hoping to get in the studio as soon as possible.

NUVO: How has Robert's presence influenced the band's chemistry?

JE: Well, it's still taking shape. But we're definitely looking forward to working on new material with Robert to see what kind of influence that brings. Him being so new to the fold right now, we've really been trying to focus on getting him caught up with all of our existing material, to give him a good reference of how we have done things in the past. So when we start writing together as the new group, he'll have a little bit of a frame of reference as to where we're coming from, but then we can also move forward into new territory into places that we haven't really gone before.

NUVO: You recently released a single, "Evil Twin." Does that song represent a step into new territory?

JE: I think you'll hear a little bit more of an electronic sound. If you listen to "Evil Twins, there's some synth/keyboard on there, which is something we've never really done before. We've always been pretty much straight-up guitar rock. We're trying to delve into newer sounds and trying to expand our musical palette, while still maintain the identity of the band in a sonic respect. A couple of the new songs incorporate a heavier use of guitar effects. It's less stripped-down, I would say.

NUVO: How do you feel to be playing the Super Bowl in your hometown?

JE: If you asked me 10 years ago would I be playing at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, I'd have said you were crazy. But 10 years from now, I'll be able to say I played the first Super Bowl in Indianapolis. I think it's really kind of a sentimental thing, just being proud of our city and proud of this big experience that's getting ready to happen.


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