, if you didn't already, you now have honorary Hoosier status.

Indiana clearly loves you. You and MOFRO dished out a hell

of a


at The


Friday night.

The audience could see you digging them digging you. They

knew every song and sang for you whenever called upon to do so. You guys played

way longer than you were signed up for.

"They're just playing for the audience now," a

security guard said it neared midnight.

The crowd had been rocking since about 8 p.m. when Truth

and Salvage Co

., led by hometown rocker Tim Jones, opened the show.

Mega fans Matt Morris and Shannon Reichelt of Fishers, Ind.,

who came to snap some photos with you at sound check enjoyed Friday's show from

the balcony. The brought a sign begging you for "Harp & Drums."Guess you're saving that for next time?

Given that Matt and Shannon have seen you twice in Arizona, as well as

Louisville, Chicago and Bloomington (at the legendary Bluebird)

in addition to several times in Indy, there promises to be a next time for

them, too.

They were happy with what you did play — as was apparently

everyone else given that audience's enthusiasm.

It seems, JJ that you and MOFRO are gaining steam.

Last time you appeared at the Vogue was a Thursday and there

were half as many people, fans reported. Another audience member reported that

you all once used to play in trucker hats and flannel and now JJ's got $900

boots. "It's the progression of a band," he said.

JJ, thanks for telling the recession to go to hell, at least

for a little while.

You said you'd been homeless, your daddy whipped you and

you'd been down and out. But you said you got your mojo back (and you MOFRO it

seems). Thanks for chasing out the cold, ugly world for a while and bringing on

that "Slow, Hot and


" vibe and harkening so aptly in your encore "Brighter Days."

Thanks also for Everything Good is Bad, On Fire, Lochloosa, Orange Blossoms, Fireflies, the Sweetest Thing and Beautiful World.

Thanks also to tying your concert to a Gleaners

Food Bank

canned food drive. The need is never satiated.

Indianapolis, which you called a "home away from

home," inspired you to write "Lullaby." You can

"rock us to sleep" anytime. We're here for you guys whenever you need

us. We're eager to see you again.


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