Chances are good, if you're interested in local music even in the most casual of ways, you know Secretly Canadian. The Bloomington label, founded by a group of young dudes obsessed by the local music in their college town, grew from '90s upstart to indie music behemoth. Now a conglomeration of four labels, plus distribution and manufacturing arms, the Secretly Label Group helped develop Bloomington's long-flourishing music scene into a full-fledged indie music capital.

And we bet you know Joyful Noise Recordings – after all, founder Karl Hofstetter possesses some sort of magic touch. He convinced Sebadoh and Half Japanese to release new albums after years of silence and made flexi-discs cool again, while maintaining a steady release schedule of essentially perfect local albums.

But Central Indiana is filled with all manner of record labels carving out their niches in interesting ways. Auris Apothecary, a secretive nonprofit label, released a Mike IX Williams cassette coated in glass shards a few years back. Stephen Craig's Eonian Records quietly puts out an eclectic mix of long-lost '80s hard rock from the genre's heyday for eager, archive-hungry collectors. Plan-It-X Records will mark 20 years of DIY punk releases with a 20-band comp this year. And there are so many more.

Some of these labels were created purely as a means for locals to release their own music, growing from there. Others, like Drink or Die and GloryHole, were born out of tight-knit scenes. All of them are advocates for good music; they're cheerleaders for bands they believe in; they're organizers and relentless promoters; they're the people getting music into hands. These labels, from the micro-iest of the micro, to, well, Secretly Canadian, are a vital part of our local music ecosystem. If you ask a local label why they released a particular record, and the answer is almost always, "Because I really, really liked it."

So, in the grand tradition of NUVO listings, we rounded them up. We called every label we knew had records on the horizon and asked: What's next? The answers were so extensive, we had to narrow our list down to 44 labels and an average of six releases each – three from this year and three from next. We hope you use this guide to plan your record purchases for the upcoming year (and start saving now because we guarantee you'll want a bunch).

The local labels on this list run the gamut of genres and formats. Some of them are more than 40 years old; some were founded last month. A few release records on vinyl only; others are purely digital. Almost all share one commonality: They release music by Hoosier artists.

A few extra details: This guide is focused on our distribution areas of Indianapolis and Bloomington (Hey, we distribute in Bloomington now! Cool, right?), plus we threw in a few other notable Central Indiana labels. Questions are omitted when they don't apply; labels that are currently inactive are not included. And yes, we're aware there are even more Central Indiana labels than the hefty 43 listed here, so we'll continue updating this list. Keep your eyes out for our Nov. 5 issue of NUVO, when we'll release a major story on an exciting new label launching this month in Indianapolis.

Asthmatic Kitty

Founded: 1999, by Sufjan Stevens and Lowell Brams. Officially based in Lander, Wyoming, but has a very active presence and office in Indy.

Formats: Digital, CD, vinyl, cassette

Highlights from 2014, according to John Beeler: "I can't choose! This year has been a banner year for AKR. There is not a single thing we've released that I haven't listened to dozens of times and enjoyed every minute."

Upcoming releases: Lily & Madeleine – Fumes, new album from Liz Janes

In brief: "Sufjan and Lowell started the label as a familial experiment in do-it-yourself (before DIY was a widely used acronym).  The label still embodies that spirit. All of our artists do a lot of the work themselves. And everyone is connected to someone on the label. It's one big family, with everything that entails! For us, it's more about finding hard-working, creative people than their particular genre."

Next year: "It'll be a slightly slower year. 2014 was our busiest ever. But I think people will be surprised by the quality of what's arriving next year. Many of our artists, who've been developing their sound for years, have 'unlocked' the code and are figuring out who they are as people and what they sound like as musicians. It'll be an exciting year."

Hoosier artists include: Liz Janes, Lily & Madeleine, DM Stith, Jookabox

Auris Apothecary

Founded: 2009, by Dante Augustus Scarlatti, Pendra Gon and Ancient Pine

Formats: Cassette, lathe cut records, floppy disc, ¼" tape reels, VHS, CD, tape loops, 8–track

Highlights from 2014: Dante Augustus Scarlatti – Ameritheism, Book of Sand – The Bees and the Butterflies, Deserter – Sister Cities

Upcoming releases, according to Scarlatti: "Our 100th release, which is the physical/metaphorical culmination of our first 5.5 years in existence, is coming in the next few weeks, and we couldn't be more excited."

In brief: "Auris Apothecary is a micro-label that releases limited editions of audio/visual art on a multitude of formats, with packaging that attempts to push creative innovation. We seek a physical interaction between consumer and artists, and strive to create unique sensory experiences that are tangible. There are zero boundaries to the genres we support, and our ever-growing roster of artists are located throughout the region and world."

Next year: "New website, new logo, new storefront, new formats, new shirts, more frequent release schedule; our entire infrastructure is being tweaked for the beginning of a brand new chapter."

Hoosier artists: 65 percent

Chapel of Crimes


In brief: Through a beam of light, the Chapel of Crimes is a space between two others that no biological man or woman of Earth may occupy. It is a temple one may access through mind and spirit only. It is a place for those who have seen and known evil; for those whose mind is ridden with all of the filth and rot let loose throughout your world. Over the last four years, while caught in this curious state of your dimension's expression and perspective; a man began, along with the help of Major Cooper and Corporal Clegg, to make a record of sounds that their meager dwelling would produce. Meager sounds from the feeble minded manufactured onto a cassette tape and you should have one, at great cost. LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH. 

Crossroads of America

Founded: 2006 by husband&wife members Will Rose, Tim Felton, Bryant Fox and Mike Adams

Formats: CD, LP, cassettes, 7"s, card decks

Highlights from 2014: husband&wife – I Know You Know What I Know, Bro Stephen – The Shape

Upcoming releases: I Saw It All Unfold – The Complete Recordings of Annabel Lee, Possible husband&wife live album/DVD, new stuff from Frank Schweikhardt

In brief, according to Mike Adams: "Primarily created as an outlet for husband&wife to release their own music, XRA quickly grew into a collective of like–minded bands and artists. Up to now we've released music by some of our absolute favorites; Mount Eerie, Starflyer 59, Rodeo Ruby Love, husband&wife, Metavari, Frank Schweikhardt ... just to name a few."

Next year: "We've scaled back considerably in the last year, so probably not much will change, though we do hope to have a few new records out next year!"

Hoosier artists: almost 100 percent

Dilated Time

Founded: 2013, by Ethan Marosz with help from John Small

Formats: Vinyl, cassette, CD, digital

Highlights from 2014: The Delay In The Universal Loop – Disarmonia, Echo Island – Hivernal, John Davey – Living Is Trying

Upcoming releases: New music from Echo Island, Haptiq

In brief, according to Marosz: "Dilated Time is an independent record label intending to help and support the artists and music that we care about while opening the hearts, tastes and minds of us all to new possibilities. There are two divisions, Organic and Synthetic. Not to cause confusion, but to appreciate differences and attempt to understand different opinions, tastes and styles. We want to put out inspiring music by incredible individuals, no matter the style. The divisions are only intended to guide those who like one artist to [other artists] more similar first."

Drink or Die Records

Founded: 2013 by Patrick Mitchell, Nick Selm and James Lyter

Formats: Vinyl, digital

Upcoming releases: New music from The Icks, Love Moon 

In brief, according to Lyter: "Nick once described us as 'two-bit show promoters and a one-bit label.' We are not the most expansive operation and we are not super professional about everything, or anything really. Our release for Trophy Lungs last year was arranged via text messaging with their bassist Kelly, and most of that was just jokes.  We like doing this, it's fun for us, so we just keep doing it.  Some people spend money on Magic cards or Colts games, we put out records."

Next year: "In the next year, we are hoping to work with mostly local artists. One of our biggest concerns is encouraging local bands to get out on the road and tour!"

Hoosier artists: 60 percent

Durtimyndz Entertainment

Founded: 2013 by Jeff and Mary Kinney

Formats: digital, CD

Highlights from 2014: Berzerker Mode – Bum Poetry

Upcoming releases: new releases from Magnum Opus, Berzerker Mode

In brief, according to the Kinneys: "DurtiMyndz Entertainment loves hosting local hip–hop showcases and bringing national artists to the Indianapolis area. Over the past year we have brought some amazing artists and have had some really awesome shows. Upcoming shows include more national artists such as: Caskey, Lil Debbie, Stitches, Boondox, Big Hoodoo, Primer 55, Lil Flip, !Mayday!, Ces Cru and Murs to name a few."

Next year: "We plan to continue to host local and national showcases as well as get our artists out of state performances and get their music heard around the surrounding area. We're currently building a studio for recording as well."

Hoosier artists: 100 percent

Eonian Records

Founded: 2008 by Stephen Craig

Formats: CD, digital

Highlights from 2014: Shake City – Self-titled, Charlotte – Medusa Groove, Murder Bay – Never Was An Angel

Upcoming releases: Cold Shot – Self-titled, Rock 'n Roll Rebels and The Sunset Strip – Volumes I & II

In brief, according to Craig: "Eonian Records is an American archive record label specializing in extremely rare and often never released hard rock and metal from the 1980s and early 1990s, with a keen attention to detail, high-quality re-mastering and kick-ass packaging."

Next year: "We get lots and lots of inquiries from collectors and audiophiles about vinyl albums, so we have listened."

Hoosier artists: 20 percent

Family Vineyard

Founded: 1999 by Eric Weddle

Formats: vinyl, CD, DVD

Highlights from 2014: Kid Millions & Jim Sauter – Fountain

Upcoming releases: Dow Jones and the Industrials – Can't Stand the Midwest 1979–1981, Akira Sakata & Jim O'Rourke with Chikamorachi & Merzbow – Flying Basket, Loren Connors – Blues: The 'Dark Paintings of Mark Rothko reissue of 1990 LP

In brief, according to Weddle: "Family Vineyard is an artist-centric label based in Indianapolis. It was established in 1999 to release uncompromising and iconoclast visions from all corners of the globe. Our motto is 'Newfangled and archival sounds aged to perfection.' But I always thought John Darnielle nailed it when he wrote: '... Family Vineyard occupy a particular corner of the music universe, serving up equal parts talent, ambition and pretension from people who don't shrink from the word 'artist' and who make honest, blood–leaking efforts to be worthy of the name.'"

Next year: "This year was a very quiet for Family Vineyard with only one album coming out. The (visible) inactivity was mostly due to extreme vinyl manufacturing catastrophes (three planned released have been now been bumped in 2015...). Next year will be the start of Family Vineyard's 15th year and I plan to not only release a slew of new music and reissues, but bump up local visibility and involvement."

Hoosier artists include: Apache Dropout, Mad Monk, Dow Jones and The Industrials, Hoi Polloi, Sitar Outreach Ministry

Flannelgraph Records

Founded: 2009 by Jared Cheek

Formats: vinyl, cassette, CD, digital

Highlights from 2014: Mike Adams At His Honest Weight – Best of Boiler Room Classics, Scharpling & Wurster – Rock, Rot & Rule, Yuuki Matthews – Funny Morning

Upcoming releases: Unreleased Don Muro album of love songs from 1969 to 1974, Mike Adams At His Honest Weight LP, top secret tribute album

In brief, according to Cheek: "We're trying to do our best with the time and resources that we have to share worthwhile music with the world in a fun and honest way. Our releases have been all over the place but I think some common themes are Christmas, Starflyer 59, professional wrestling, comedy and a proud enjoyment of life here in Indiana.  Our catalog is all over the place — from novelty releases like the 1993 answering machine tapes of a movie theater in Wisconsin (which everyone MUST HEAR!) to songwriters like Mike Adams, who is cranking out some of the best records of all time right before our very eyes. I plan on doing Flannelgraph forever, so, to quote 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair, 'Whether you like it or you don't like it, learn to love it, because it's the best thing going today!' "

Next year: "Hopefully we'll come up with some new ways to get the word out about the label. We have a small group of supporters who are very awesome, but I feel like there are still lots of people out there who would enjoy our releases if we could just do a better job of letting them know they exist."

Hoosier artists: 50 percent

Galt House Records

Founded: 2011 by Jake Amrhein

Formats: vinyl, cassettes, CD

Highlights from 2014: My Endless Minutes – Compilation Vol. I-III, Dessa Sons – 7", Wounded Knee/Monoliths Split 7''

Upcoming releases: – Three way 7" with GRYSCL, Canyons, Wounded Knee, Three way 10" with Gillian Carter, Citycop, Wounded Knee, Ghost Town Collective collaboration

In brief, according to Amrhein: "Mostly I'm broke; it's financial suicide at first, especially if you just dive in by yourself with no experience like an idiot. I get to say cool things like "I run a record label"...but by far the most useful and important part of this 'label' has been making the connections and friendships across the country and internationally that I've made in the past four years. That sounds really corny and lame to print I guess, but it's true."

Next year: "Hopefully the amount of money that I can put into it; eventually I definitely plan on running a DIY punk venue/bar of my own with a handful of some close associates (and maybe another local label or two) – but a venue of my own could still be three or five years away."

Hoosier artists include: Wounded Knee, Coma Regalia, Brighter Arrows, Air Hockey, Crescent Ulmer, Sirius Blvck, Grxzz

GloryHole Records

Founded: 2010 by Jimmy Peoni

Formats: vinyl, digital, cassette

Highlights from 2014: No Coast – 7'', Ampersand Blues Band – Self-titled, FSDC Volume 3

Upcoming releases: New releases from Last IV, Raw McCartney, Bloody Mess, Pnature Walk.

In brief, according to Peoni: "GloryHole Records is a small, mom and pop, boutique label documenting a period of music from the Midwest Indiana region."

Next year: "GloryHole Records will be changing vinyl record provider to Gotta Groove Records. We will also be opening a music bar."

Hoosier artists: 80 percent

Gulcher Records

Founded: 1976 by Bob Richert

Formats: vinyl, CD, digital

Highlights from 2014: No releases yet this year; Gulcher is transitioning back to vinyl.

Upcoming releases: Various Artists – Different Drum (Soundtrack album for a movie by Evansville filmmaker Kevin Chenault/Blackstrap Pictures)  Various Artists – Gizmo Nation (Covers of the 15 tracks on the three original Gizmos EPs), Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt – Lost In Better Days

In brief, according to Richert: "Back in the mid-'70s, Gulcher was born in Bloomington, Indiana, as one of the earliest small independent labels and fanzines. Propelled to legendary status by the release of the first Gizmos EP, Gulcher championed the low-fi DIY revolution before it was even born. Most of the Gulcher releases were of the raw basic punk variety. The band was learning to play before your very eyes ... mistakes and all! Inspired mistakes! Later releases were a bit varied stylistically, yet all stayed true to the DIY ethic that would begin to spread around the US in the early-80s. Part 1 of the Gulcher Story faded as the music moved away from the punk ethic that had started it. Flash forward nearly 20 years, and  Gulcher re-emerged, reactivated and re-energized. A few Gizmos songs had been bootlegged on punk compilations, and this was just the inspiration Gulcher needed to reissue the legendary Gizmos EPs. Then more Gizmos, MX-80 Sound, Afrika Korps, Thundertrain, Panics, O. Rex, Dancing Cigarettes, Angel Corpus Christi, Screamin' Mee-Mees.  And before anyone knew it, Gulcher was back, with new young (and young at heart) artists: Kurt Vile, Home Blitz, Magik Markers, Crawlspace, Tim Carroll, Meercaz, Mykal Xul, Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt.

Next year: Gulcher will be returning to its vinyl roots.

Hoosier artists: 100 percent

Headdress Records

Founded: 2013 by Dimitri Morris with assistance from Bradley Lee and Joey McGuire

Formats: digital, cassette

Highlights from 2014: HDR Mixtape Vol.1., Chives – Self-titled, Mystery Flavor Mixtapes

Upcoming releases: New releases from The Icks, The Constants, Love Moon

In brief, according to Morris: "We're an independent music label dedicated to both the export and import of new music, art and tapes in the Midwest. We work with independent artists and musicians in hope of fostering their creative growth. Our hope is to continue to add to our in house collective of friends and artists by extending our network as far as we can."

Next year: "The big change we're pumped about adding vinyl to our list of formats of releasing music. Expect to see Headdress music in record stores across the US."

Hoosier artists: 90 percent

Holy Infinite Freedom Revival

Founded: 2009 by Jon Rogers

Formats: cassette

Highlights from 2014: Digital Dots – Greatest Hits, Golden Moses – Face Boot, The Day Offs – Self-titled

Upcoming releases: Creeping Pink – Holy Black Acid Family, State Park – OCDC, David Barajas – Red Minutes

In brief, according to Rogers: "It's a small–run cassette label of mostly Indiana artists, usually pretty weird ones, but we have more pop–leaning releases sometimes too. I want artists to have complete control over what they do. The label exists to support them and show the outside world some of the music I think deserves more listeners. I guess it would also be considered a 'bandcamp' label, since that's our main internet presence."

Next year: "I haven't planned on many changes, just doing as many releases as I can, and getting help when I can. I definitely don't make money from this. I always give the artists half the copies of their tape to sell or give away as they please, and I want it to stay that way."

Hoosier artists: 100 percent

Houseplant Records

Founded: 2008 by Jeff Grant and Erin Tobey

Formats: vinyl, cassette

Highlights from 2014: The Sands – Hotel & Casino (co–released with Let's Pretend Records), Technicolor Teeth – Teenage Pagans

Upcoming releases: Early work of Future Virgins (co–released with Let's Pretend Records) .    

In brief, according to Grant: "Houseplant started as a way to release our own music, since Erin and I are both musicians.  At some point we realized we'd be making music forever, so we might as well create a platform that would exist alongside of us, for better or for worse.  We very quickly came across friends who were in similar positions, that is to say they were making records and didn't have anyone to release them.  Maybe they were too unknown or too landlocked to get picked up [by] the larger punk labels, but still had the drive to tour and push the music on their own. We take a lot of pride in each release and make sure that the look and sound are high-quality."

Next year: "It's hard to say.  We've been making it up as we go along for seven years now.  Every year I say we're gonna do more than the previous year, but at some point I don't think it's up to us.  It's just whatever happens, happens.  Rather than have a goal to release 20 records a year, I'd rather strive to to still be releasing records in 20 years."

Hoosier artists: 80 percent

Indie500 Records

Founded: 1999 by Brian J. Hogan, Eric Klee Johnson, Marc Johnson, Terry L. Monday and Kevin Spellman.

Formats: CD, digital

Upcoming releases: New digital capsules from Monofiction, The Fuglees, Carbellion, The Roundups and Chad Harvey

In brief, according to the label: "Terry, Brian, and Kevin were the management team for the Indianapolis band Wonderdrug. The debut record from Wonderdrug, Hi!, was the first release [from] Indie 500 Records. The label was founded on the principles of allowing artists creative control and releasing music that partners were passionate about. Indie 500 Records is also not bound to any specific genre of music. We have released product on virtually all formats. We have released records by Shelby County Sinners, Kaleidostars, Wonderdrug, Jane Jensen, The Fuglees, Stereo Deluxe, Chevy Downs, Push Down & Turn, Mars or the Moon, Carbellion and Chad Harvey, to name of few."

Next year: "We plan on presenting a series of live showcases throughout the year featuring our artists. The first showcase will take place at Barrio, the night before Thanksgiving, featuring Monofiction."

Hoosier artists: 85 percent

Joyful Noise Recordings

Founded: 2003by Karl Hofstetter

Formats: vinyl, lathe cuts, flexi-discs, digital, cassettes, CD

Highlights from 2014: Kishi Bashi – Lighght, Son Lux – Alternate Worlds, Half Japanese – Overjoyed

Upcoming releases: Serengeti – Kenny Dennis III, Deerhoof – Deerhoof La Isla Bonita Flexi–Book

In brief, according to Hofstetter: "We are purveyors of interesting media for a variety of artistically honest, exploratory and often haphazard musicians. We're not your standard noise or experimental label; nor are we interested in typical indie rock. We do however love when these two sides of the spectrum intersect in interesting ways. And we gravitate towards artists who, in one way or another, bridge this gap between pop and noise."

Next year: "We are expanding our VIP Membership and subscriptions to offer more unique and limited releases for the super fans. We like creating a special experience for fans, and bridging the gap between them and the artists they love."

Hoosier artists: 10 percent

Jurassic Pop Records

Founded: 2012 by Jeff Mather and Dylan Schwab

Formats: vinyl, cassette

Highlights from 2014, according to Mather and Schwab: "We love all of our releases as if they were our little babies! Sometimes they laugh, sometimes they cry, but we still love them no matter what, even when they wake us up at 3 a.m."

Upcoming releases: New releases from Cooked Books, State Champs, Jade TV, Dave Segedy

In brief: "We're the soundtrack to that time you were on your couch in your living room and really wanted some cheese puffs, but they were in the kitchen and you didn't want to get up and get them. We release music to coincide with situations like that.  Hopefully it gives them some motivation to get up and get some cheese puffs, cause cheese puffs rule so much. Our objective with Jurassic Pop is to showcase as much new and interesting Midwestern music as we can. Right up until we bankrupt ourselves."

Next year: "We've got a lot of new bands, and hopefully we'll be able reach out to a bigger base of people than ever before."

Hoosier artists: 71.4 percent

Let's Pretend Records

Founded: 2005 by Peter Shaw

Formats: vinyl, cassette, CD

Highlights from 2014: Rad Payoff – The Good, The Rad, The Ugly, Pretty Pretty – Leather Weather. Memory Map discography double tape

Upcoming releases: Full Sun – Itch, Chud – Self-titled, Drilling for Blasting – How to Play Guitar

In brief, according to Shaw: "Let's Pretend Records is a label that releases records based off of friendships and inspiring interactions with people in the artistic community. My goal is to put out a consistent quality of rock 'n roll on an only analogue format with like-minded people that also hold a strong DIY moral to what they do."

Next year: "I get to put [out] one of my favorite bands, Future Virgins from Chattanooga, Tennessee."

Hoosier artists: 50 percent [page]

Lost Cult

Founded: 2014 by Eric Brown

Formats: digital, cassette, CD, vinyl

Highlights from 2014: Lost Cult I – Yesterday Is A Backwards Hero, Dreadnots – Loneliness The Astronaut: Made in Silence, Cicada Shells – All Bones Do Remain

Upcoming releases: Salas & Brown – Recipes and Antidoes, Lorax – Two Stones And A Bird,

In brief, according to Brown: "Audio Recon (founded in 2005) has died down and I have started releasing album under the Lost Cult brand, which speaks to the direction I have gone.  Audio Recon is still the distribution company name. Lost Cult I hope to be a much smaller, boutique affair.  We will do some digital releases as well as some cassettes and vinyl."

Hoosier artists: 90 percent

Lovebird Records

Founded: 2014 by Derek Vorndran and Corey Barnes

Formats: vinyl, cassette

Highlights from 2014: new label; no releases yet

Upcoming releases: re-release of S.M. Wolf 7'' (first release on Vorndran's former label In Store Recordings), new albums from Nightbabies, S.M. Wolf

New label notes, according to Vorndran: "In Store Recordings will be phasing out, and I will be partnering with Corey Barnes and we will be starting Lovebird Records. We will also be starting, which will be a website focused on filming and doing live sessions with bands both on and off the label. We will be primarily releasing everything on vinyl, but also will be doing tape releases as well.  There really isn't a number or percentage of Indiana bands we will focus on for releases, but we plan to always be working or releasing music with Indiana bands."

Hoosier artists: S.M. Wolf, Nightbabies

Magnetic South Recordings

Founded: 2008 by Aaron Deer, Seth Mahern and John Dawson

Formats: vinyl, cassette

Highlights from 2014: Psychic Baos – Our Friends Call Us Horse, Vacation Club – Heaven is Too High, Tyler Damon – Softened Skull (cassette released with Auris Apothecary)

Upcoming releases: The Hemingers – What's a Heminger? 7" EP,  Sitar Outreach Ministry – Revolution in the 5th Dimension cassette, Thee Tsunamis debut full–length

In brief, according to Dawson: "Magnetic South started as a lo-fi basement studio, then we started putting out tapes of what we were recording in brown paper envelopes.  We've broken several recorders.  We no longer use the brown envelopes, but we've still got all our own ideas about music."

Next year:  "There's some talk right now of opening an esoteric storefront in Bloomington."

Hoosier artists: 85 percent

MCSD NetLabel

Founded: 2009 by Charles Shriner

Formats: digital, CD

Highlights from 2014: Jmtta – Tokens of Appreciation, Angry Red Planet with guest cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy – Glowing Men, Joo Won Park & dRachEmUsiK – Side Dish Side Affect

Upcoming releases: Next onewayness & dRachEmUsiK collaboration, new Faux Pas Quartet, new jmtta

In brief, according to Shriner: "MCSD NetLabel caters to listeners of new and unusual experimental electro-acoustic and experimental electronic music and includes solo artists, ensembles and collaborations."

Next year: "Fewer collaborations and more artist–specific releases."

Hoosier artists: 60 percent

Oi! The Boat Records

Founded: 2007 by Joe Yakimicki; joined by Max Campbell in 2009

Formats: vinyl, digital, CD

Highlights from 2014: The Old Firm Casuals – This Means War, Voi!ce of America – Volume 4, Duffy's Cut maxi–EP

Upcoming releases: EP from Justice Blocc, split 7'' from Cliches and Victory, new releases from Duffy's Cut, Oxley's Midnight Runners, Die Trying!

In brief, according to Campbell: "Oi! the Boat Records is a DIY punk-rock label. It's run by two friends who cut our teeth in the music industry through years of touring at home and abroad. The goal of the label is simple: we put out music that we love. There's no pomp or pretense with the label. Records are still hand–stuffed into sleeves over beers the way we've been doing it since our first release."

Next year: "We plan to continue putting out records as long as we're able."

Hoosier artists: "We've worked with a few Indiana bands in the past, but haven't worked with any recently. It's not that we wouldn't love to work with some Hoosier artists, we just haven't found any bands in state that would fit well with the label."

Plan–It–X Records

Founded: 1994 by Samantha Dorsett; taken over by Chris Clavin in 1995

Formats: cassette, CD, vinyl, book, zine, DVD

Highlights from 2014: Mitch the Champ – Long Way Home, Dogbreth – Sentimental Health, Tour Sucks – The Book: A collection of horror stories from the road 

Upcoming releases: 20-band LP compilation called It Came From Plan-It-X with zine, sticker, trading cards

In brief, according to Clavin: "We are a not-for-much-profit DIY punk label that focuses on the edge of punk, the punks that don't really fit it with punks. We release hooded-sweatshirt punk. We release a lot of folk-punk music as well. In 20 years, we have released over 140 titles, if you count the 'zines and tapes."

Next year: "Less releases, since people stopped buying physical music. Well, they are are slowing way down anyway."

Hoosier artists: 40 percent

Rad Summer

Founded: 2006 by Action Jackson and Flufftronix

Formats: digital,7'' in 2015

Highlights from 2014: PoundPoundPound – En Route, Shy Guy Says x Statik Link – Mek It Clap / Dro, PHNM – Detonate

Upcoming releases: Sirius Blvck – Light In the Attic, new albums from Oreo Jones, Party Lines

In brief, according to Jackson: "In 2011, Rad Summer expanded to include a full fledged record label, with releases from Flufftronix, Figure, Lemi Vice, RX & Shiftee, and Dave Owen. Since the label's launch Rad Summer has continually pushed the proverbial envelope with forward-thinking releases from producers and recording artists around the globe. Focused on vibe versus genre, the Rad Summer brand has been associated with a wide variety of music including EDM, indie dance and hip-hop."

Next year: "We had a slower year release–wise, since most of our artists were touring but we have a ton of projects slated for 2015.  Besides the three upcoming releases mentioned above we have projects coming from local favorites Andy D, Cool Hand Lex a.k.a. Bangs Nicely, the return of Black Fabio, a collab album between Oreo Jones and Sirius Blvck, and of course several dance music eps from DJs around the world. We're also aggressively expanding our merch line in the upcoming year as well."

Hoosier artists: 50 percent

Ritual Knife 

Founded: 2014 by Roy Hayes 

Formats: tape 

Highlights from 2014: Boddicker - False Flag 

Upcoming releases, according to Hayes: Ritual Knife is currently planning the release of Hunger in the Night from Sacred Leather. A new demo from Black Goat of the Woods is also in the works."

In brief: "Ritual Knife was founded in the grip of winter 2014CE as a way to spread the filth my friends and I create."

Next year: 

Hoosier artists: 100 percent 


Founded: 2012 by Dan Wagoner and Chad Kinner

Formats: CD, digital, vinyl

Highlights from 2014: Kel – Nightfall, Native Run – "Good On You" single, Alanna Story – Ancient Gates

Upcoming releases: Jon McLaughlin Christmas EP, new music from Andy Davis, Sara Bareilles

In brief, according to Ben Cooley: "Rivet Merch is a full service merch company providing artists with affordable online merch stores and order fulfillment. While we're not a record label, we certainly function in very similar ways when it comes to positioning our artists in front of new audiences and having a vested interest in their success. In addition to facilitating e-commerce sales and shipping product to fans, Rivet serves as a strategic partner for artists by focusing on the little details of each album cycle."

Next year: "We see next year as a huge opportunity for growth. We expect to grow our team in the coming year to offer more support services for our artists, and to provide more creative strategies to help maximize our artists' music. We also have been looking in to building a crowdfunding platform for our artists, so the early stages of that will most likely start to roll out next year." (Editor's note: While not a traditional label, Rivet is too interesting to leave out.)

Hoosier artists: 60 percent

Sacred Phrases

Founded: 2010 by Adam Meyer

Formats: cassette, digital

Highlights from 2014: Guenter Schlienz – Treehut Visions, Samantha Glass – Surface Water Perception, Mårble – Two Women & Tiger

Upcoming releases: MAIA – 29 (Ramona Gonzalez of Nite Jewel), Ekin Fil – Winter Now, Pulse Emitter – Euphoria

In brief, according to Meyer: "Sacred Phrases exists to distribute outsider sounds, mostly on cassette, some stuff digitally. Our releases have wandering genres; from current electronics to drone to bedroom pop and non–genre sounds. Fort Wayne, is something of a non–consideration in a way, we could be anywhere... but we grew up here. In so many ways Indiana is great for our art making in that it has provided the opportunity to create a place alongside the art. Sacred Phrases is that place."

Next year: "More genres and styles, live and local events."

Hoosier artists: 10 percent

Secretly Label Group

Founded: Secretly Canadian in 1996 by Ben Swanson, Chris Swanson, Eric Weddle, Jonathan Cargill; Jagjaguwar in 1996 by Darius Van Arman; Dead Oceans in 2007 by Secretly Canadian and Jagjaguwar owners and Phil Waldorf; Chicago–based reissue label Numero was added to the group in 2013.

Formats: vinyl, CD, digital, cassette

Highlights from 2014: (Secretly Canadian): Damien Jurado – Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son, The War on Drugs – Lost In The Dream, Electric Youth – Innerworld; (Jagjaguwar): Angel Olsen – Burn Your Fire For No Witness, Sharon Van Etten – Are We There, Foxygen – ...And Star Power; (Dead Oceans): Strand of Oaks – HEAL, Bear in Heaven – Time Is Over One Day Old, Mark McGuire – Along The Way, Greylag – Greylag 

Upcoming releases: Songs:Ohia – Didn't It Rain (reissue on Secretly Canadian), Mark McGuire – Noctilucence EP (Dead Oceans), Viet Cong – Viet Cong (Jagjaguwar)

In brief, according to Nick Blandford: "While our labels cover a wide range of sound and genre, we always seek artists who create classic and timeless work. These days, there aren't a lot of musicians who set out to be rock stars. Most simply want to make a living from their music so that they can do that full–time. So our goal is to help facilitate that for artists in a manner which still treats their art with dignity. Even though we have staff in multiple offices now, the majority of our staff is in Bloomington. We take great pride in calling Indiana our home."

Next year: "The landscape of the music business is constantly changing, so our daily challenge is to learn and evolve to survive and thrive. One certain thing is that we'll release 40-plus records across the four labels."

Hoosier artists: "Our catalog includes many Hoosier acts such as Panoply Academy, Marmoset, The Impossible Shapes, Odawas, Early Day Miners and Zero Boys."  [page]

Shine Music

Founded: 2014 by Benjamin Cannon and Ryan Gibbons

Formats: digital, vinyl, CD

Highlights from 2014: Veseria – Voyager, Benny No-Good – I Am You, Ryan M. Brewer – Trails

Upcoming releases: New releases from Bashiri Asad, Patrick Roberts of Veseria, Emily Myren, Jeff Kelly

In brief, according to Cannon: "We were founded on the simple idea to empower local artists, produce and direct their projects from start to finish, hopefully open doors and build relationships, and to always keep it artist focused. We don't own their music, they own it. We just want to help them achieve their goals and build their dreams. We are not a professional studio yet. We are a project studio that puts out professional quality recordings in hopes to help local artist build a foundation."

Next year: "Bigger productions, live shows, Release Fest Two, branching into different genres."

Hoosier artists: 100 percent

Sister Cylinder

Founded: 2010 by Scott Ferguson

Formats: vinyl, digital

Highlights from 2014: Ray Creature – self-titled, Kam Kama – Shift

Upcoming releases: Secret Lover debut EP, Transfix EP

In brief, according to Ferguson: "I found the learning curve for producing a high–quality vinyl package to be so frustratingly steep that I resolved to put whatever resources I could muster to the service of bands I might encounter who could benefit from any of my trial, error, or success. In Kam Kama I had quickly learned how demoralizing it can be to contact strangers at record labels who will likely never open your email, let alone hear your recordings or respond in any way, so I figured if I could save even a few bands from that uncertainty by getting in touch with them first, it would be time well spent. So far Sister Cylinder is putting out bands that could reasonably be described as 'goth' or 'new wave,' but the most important factor is and always will be an act's ability to completely infiltrate my daydreams with its material."

Next year: "Next year we will begin releasing bands outside Indiana with the Secret Lover and Transfix records; I also hope next year to get Sister Cylinder into the reissue game, with any of several out-of-print records that I am obsessed by."

Hoosier artists: 50 percent

Strong Roots Records 

Founded: 2013 by Roy (R-Juna) and Cassidy (Iris) Waterford

Formats: digital, CD, cassette

Highlights from 2014: R–Juna – They Live, Iris – Crash Landing, Ace One x Iris – Rap Monster Redux: A Titan's RevengeUpcoming releases: The Klinik – Confessions of a Crate Digger, instrumental album from Nevi Moon, R-Juna x Blooded The Brave collaborative album

In brief, according to R–Juna: "Strong Roots Records is an independent label with a primary goal of getting all members of our artistic family heard. We are all multifaceted artists that help each other with beats, mixing, features, shows, and general support. We strive to bring positive vibrations into everything we do, while informing listeners with the reality of the world, country, city, and block we see. Strong Roots is music from the soul, for the soul."

Next year: "We want to continue to expand and grow our audience by giving away free label samplers, as well as branch out into different genres. I'd really like to do some touring overseas as well."

Hoosier artists: 100 percent

TimeChange Records

Founded: 2013 by Rick Wilkerson

Formats: TBD

Upcoming releases: Early Indiana Punk and New Wave: The Crazy Al's Year(s)

In brief, according to Seth Johnson: "Through TimeChange, Wilkerson will work to shed light on under–recognized treasures of the past, with some of which simply being straight reissues and others being first releases of recordings that never saw the light of day. For example, songs on the Crazy Al's collection were gathered from a variety of sources, from aging live cassettes to polished studio recordings." (Editor's note: This is excerpted from a story on TimeChange Records that will run in a future edition of NUVO.)

Hoosier artists: 100 percent

Tree Machine Records

Founded: 2010 by Zack Anselm with assistance from Owen Yonce and Eazy Makgobatlou

Formats: CD, digital , vinyl, cassette 

Highlights from 2014: Bonfire John – College, Jon Dice – Call You On It

Upcoming releases: The Danger O's – Turn It Up, new album from Ender, He Belongs To Me, Vows and !mindparade split cassetteHIn brief, according to Anselm: "Our label is the product of turning down a road that once you go down, doesn't have any turnoffs for miles and miles.  You've been driving for so long, that it just doesn't make sense to turn back.  You know the road won't take you where you want to go, but you also know it's the best choice you have.  Life has dealt you all the cards you don't want to be dealt, so all you have to do now is make the rest of the cards in the deck last and play the right card at the right time.  At some point you'll have to convince yourself that it's not safe to drive and play cards at the same time, but it's OK because everyone's having fun."

Next year: "Nothing and everything will change"

Hoosier artists: 40 percent

Usonian Records

Founded: 2013 by Jon Autry and Laura K Balke (with early releases in 2006)

Formats: vinyl, digital

Highlights from 2014: Jon Autry – beautifully broken

Upcoming releases: new album from Vapor Lanes, Laura K Balke, series of field recordings in National Parks

In brief, according to Autry: "We just want to enable good art to be made and experienced."

Next year: "The biggest change is that we'll be releasing a lot more stuff. And based on what we have planned so far, it's going to be fairly eclectic in format and content."

Hoosier artists: 100 percent

Warm Ratio

Founded: 2011 by Dan Schmeltekop, David "Moose" Adamson and Chris Madsen

Formats: vinyl, cassette, digital

Highlights from 2014: Vaadat Charigim – The World Is Well Lost, Personal Issue – A Trader From Harar, SAPPHIC – Self-titled

Upcoming releases: Sedcairn Archives – Mammoth Cave, Phases – Self-titled, Nat Russell – Sunlight

In brief, according to Madsen: "When we started the label, we didn't have any real direction or goal in mind. We just wanted to put out stuff that we like and want in our own personal collections. I guess we haven't really strayed too far from our original intent. We keep things pretty loose."

Next year: "In the next year we hope to put out a few more records, some books...maybe we'll go to Holiday World?"

Hoosier artists: 55 percent

WiFi Couch Records

Founded: 2014 by Rob Funkhouser, Austin Senior and Nathaniel J. Hood

Formats: digital, CD, cassette

Highlights from 2014: Rob FunkouserCrystalline, HNRYFRD – debut single

Upcoming releases: HNRYFRD – PNTGRMS, House Sampler featuring Hood and River Thief, Black Beacon – Sing Your Little Heart Out

In brief, according to Funkhouser: "Basically we are a group of housemates that are all really passionate about music and have been in a really productive state of mind. Starting the label felt like a pretty natural progression from the general work ethic going on in the house already. Right now, our releases are both in the electronic realm, but that is more of a coincidence than a philosophy."

Next year: "Right now, our releases are being driven by social acquaintance on one level or another. This is certainly a super fun way to start a label, but we are going to be approaching some people we do not know so well in the new year, simply because we like their music. We are also in that phase right now where we are welcoming demos in any and all forms, so that may help us find some people that are not already on our radar."

Hoosier artists: 100 percent


Founded: 2014 by Ben Wittkugel and Jared Jones

Formats: digital

Highlights from 2014: singles release from Sunspots

Upcoming releases: new music from The Tourniquets, Dietrich Jon, Thunder/Dreamer

In brief, according to Wittkugel: "We started off by promoting shows in Bloomington, which is how our name came about. In August, we started talking about the idea of releasing music through Winspear. Our first project was recording and releasing two songs from our friend's band, Sunspots."

Next year: "We hope to add more artists to our roster and have more releases under our belt. We hope to start releasing physical media as well."

Hoosier artists: 100 percent