Pragmatic finds their sound


After finishing their newest set of songs, Pragmatic is ready to release them to the public. Giving these new tunes a listen, there's no missing that the band has grown musically since their first album and have become more in sync. The band will have their first chance to showcase their new songs at the Vogue this Friday for an album release show featuring Kramus, Flesh Suit and Threat Level.

Some of the men behind Pragmatic sat down and answered some questions about where they have been, how they came together and their newest album.

NUVO: You guys are all in Indianapolis currently. Are you all from here originally?

Pragmatic: Tim Patenaude the singer is from Jacksonville, North Carolina. Lee Lillie the bassist is from Lawrenceburg and James Miernyk the drummer is from Fort Wayne, IN. Jeff Borders and John Wallace, the guitarists, are from Indy.

NUVO: How did Pragmatic come together?

Pragmatic: Most of the original members are from the Indy original band Sludge Factory. Tim and Lee come from various other bands and projects including 31 Spline and Downfall. Basically, we found each other through networking within the music scene and some old-fashioned good luck.

NUVO: Indianapolis has a pretty awesome music scene, how has your experience been playing around the area?

Pragmatic: We love the Indianapolis music scene. A lot of great people out there support the local music community and us in general. So many people choose to spend their free time from their work weeks to hear what we and other bands do; it's really is a pretty awesome feeling. There's so many people all trying to reach similar goals, but the bands overall are respectful and work together. Walking into shows you are often greeted like [you're at] a neighborhood bar because we've hung out in so many situations already. It's a great experience, and the local shows are always a lot of fun.

NUVO: You are playing at the Vogue soon, where has been your favorite venue to play in Indy?

Pragmatic: The Vogue is way up there for sure. We also like 8 Seconds Saloon. We just love big stages because we have an active stage presence and crowds really get us pumped. We love to play The Rock House and Indy's Jukebox as well.

NUVO: Listening to your songs, there's many highs and lows in the tracks. What motivates your songs?

Pragmatic: Dynamics, dynamics, dynamics. Life is all about the highs and lows. We like to make a song that builds up, tears down, and gives the listener a real experience, not just a flat, bland routine.

NUVO: What's a song of yours that you connect most with or find the audience connecting most with?

Pragmatic: A fan favorite is "Change," it's got a great hook people love to sing along too.

"Control" is a favorite groove song. It tends to get the fans really going. "Soma" is one of our favorites. It's a lot of fun to play and the off-beats and big chorus really draw you into it.

NUVO: Tell me some of your hopes for the band. Where would you like things to go?

Pragmatic: It's not too complex; we just want to record new music and play it in front of our fans. We'd love to make it huge, but if we can make enough to live comfortably and do what we love for a living, we'd be happy. In the short term, after the album release shows we are going right back to writing more music for the next album.

NUVO: Your second album is markedly different from the first. How was the recording process for your newest album different?

Pragmatic: Well, the first album was written and recorded fairly early in our time as a band. The second album is a result of the band growing together musically. We learned more about how we play together and how to complement each other better musically. The band found its sound essentially. It's less individual musicianship influenced and more a cohesive unit complimenting the individual styles in a balance. It's this complimentary musicianship that continues to drive Pragmatic to new and unique song writing.

NUVO: How do you guys strive to keep yourselves Pragmatic, and not blend in with other artists in your genre?

Pragmatic: We don't really think in terms of trying to sound different from others in our genre. We focus on the song writing and it tends to take us to places that are unique organically. Our song writing often blends heavy, rhythmic riffs with melodic, hook oriented guitar work. This with the locking up between the drums and bass gives the song a great layered sound that comes off big and ear catching.

NUVO: Where can we find Pragmatic hanging around the Circle City on a regular night?

Pragmatic: We hang out mostly at places we play shows. Places like Rockhouse, Jukebox, Peppers, the Vogue; mostly local music shows. We all like to hang out watching other's original music.


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