My hometown: The MoBros

The MoBros (actual bros)

At NUVO, we write, talk and think about Indianapolis every day. It's our home, after all. What about the hometowns of musicians who tour through Indianapolis? When did they fall in love with their own local scene? We'll ask the same questions of each musician who participates in this feature. This time, we're featuring South Carolina brothers Kelly and Patrick Morris, who make up The MoBros. They'll stop in at the Hi-Fi this weekend, touring their new album Walking With A Different Stride.

NUVO: Where did you grow up? 

Patrick Morris: We grew up in Camden, South Carolina, about 30 miles northeast of the capitol. If you have seen the movie The Patriot you've seen Camden. It is where General Cornwallis' house was/is, and they filmed a good portion of the movie there. 

NUVO: What was the music scene there like? 

Morris: Camden itself has only one venue, but a really great one called The Venue on Broad, which is still one of our favorites, and a great tour stop for traveling bands. Camden's music scene is basically merged with Columbia's since Columbia is the closest major city. There are really a lot of great original bands and singer-songwriters coming out of Columbia and SC in general. We've got a lot of soul in the South. The music scene is like a community there, which I believe is a prerequisite for any music scene to prosper. Everyone knows each other, goes to shows together and are very supportive of each others music.

NUVO: What was the first local band you really fell in love with?

Morris: Josh Roberts was the first local artist that we really thought highly of. We saw him play an acoustic set in Camden for a festival back when we were just starting to play out. We really enjoyed his music and later on became friends. On top of him being a great songwriter and musician he is literally one of the nicest people you'll meet, and a great example. 

NUVO: What's the all-ages scene like there?

Morris: I believe that there is only one venue which is The New Brookland Tavern that is all-ages, but I'm not too sure. 

NUVO: When did you move (if you did move)?

Morris: We have not moved yet, because our plan is to be on the road as much as possible. We've really only been back to SC for three or four weeks this year. There is nothing more freeing or therapeutic than being on the road. We love being on the road, constantly moving, sleeping in hotel parking lots, getting the hotel's breakfast in the morning. At this point it is not an exaggeration to say that we actually live in a van. We are thinking of moving, and right now it's looking like Chicago. We played in Chicago back in July and really loved it. There's so much going on in Chicago for music and just the arts in general. Our older brother is an actor in Chicago and it would be nice to be near him. We've spent most our lives in the country and would like to try "The Big City" out for awhile, but who knows where we will end up.


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