Henry French, Andrew Bean team up tonight


In a week filled with some great roots/rock shows (Will Hoge, Elizabeth Cook, Truth and Salvage Co., The Civil Wars), tonight's show at Radio Radio with Henry French and Andrew Bean is another good one that will compete for your Friday night ear.

I caught French after he returned from the Will Hoge show at Radio Radio on Tuesday night. ("Which, by the way, was amazing, he said. "Great to see a sold out, honest, heartfelt, true rock-and-roll show; keeps me playing.")

NUVO: How did your show at Radio Radio come about?

HENRY FRENCH: Andrew Bean called me for the Public Defenders Ball. We've been friends for a while-I recently helped in the acoustic sessions he did recently with Grover Parido- and he asked me to play. Andrew will be playing with Grover on Friday, which is a sight to see, (because) they make a great unconventional pair.

NUVO: There's a third act too, right?

HF: I'm also psyched to (play) with Stereo D again, as it's been too long. I'm looking forward to see them with their new guitarist. Should be a great night.

NUVO: How about new music from Henry French?

HF: Life has interfered with the progress on the new music, but I'm still hopeful to get "new" music out by the end of the year, or early next. I qualify the word "new" as I've been testing these songs out live for a while now, letting them organically take shape gig after gig. It takes a while, and involves a lot of patience, and I'm not the most patient person. I'm looking forward to finishing up the recording and moving on to new music.

NUVO: What should we expect to see at your show Friday?

HF: I'll be joined by two great friends and local musicians on Friday, whom I haven't had the chance to share the stage with before. Eric Carter is the drummer for the Kids in the Way, Spare Time Killer, and has worked with the Last Good Year and others in town. Tony Vibbert will join me on bass, and can be seen with local notables the Glass Accident, Shadeland and others.

NUVO: Final words?

HF: Should be great show


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