G-Eazy tonight at the Egyptian


Bay Area rapper G-Eazy released numerous EP's and mixtapes over the course of several years garnering a lot of attention on YouTube. But it wasn't until the release of his debut studio album These Things Happen that G-Eazy really found the spotlight. The album topped both the US Rap and Hip-Hop charts, while peaking at No. 3 on the Billboard 200.

On success of These Things Happen:

G: There are two sides to this coin man. On one side, when you swing for the fences and dream big this is everything that is supposed to happen, everything is supposed to fall in line when releasing an album that you spent that much time on. On the other side, it’s beyond my wildest dreams. I never thought that it would actually work, and that everything that was supposed to happen would.

On picking a set list:

G: It’s all about keeping a balance, entertaining the people that have been there from the jump – giving them some of the old records – and then catering to the new fans that may only be familiar with the latest album. But it’s also about taking the crowd through the journey and the progression – whether or not they know the old stuff – it’s still important.

On Rick Ross remixing “I Mean It”:

G: It was crazy; it was surreal hearing it for the first time. A song that we made ourselves in a makeshift studio in Los Angeles to hearing one of the biggest names in rap on the same song, it felt pretty good. These are the kinds of things that happen when you want to play in the big leagues.

On making music videos:

G: That’s the thing; we just try to have fun, make it something that will stand out. It’s tough in today’s world with the technology, everyone has the tools to make videos and shoot photos. So what’s important is taking the time and doing it right – executing your ideas.

On rapping “style":

G: My style is a model of my influences and my experiences – it’s life. All that finds its way back into the music. I can only be me, I can only speak from my perspective, and that’s what comes out in the music.

On not having a letdown in 2015:

G: I think the competitive spirit in me will continue to drive and push me to go harder. I’m competing against myself. That fear of taking a step backwards pushes me to always push myself forward – that’s the nature of who I am. I’m always pushing myself to be better, to grow and improve.

On what’s next:

G: Well we’re working on the next album and we’re about to head out on the next leg of the tour. I’m really excited about what’s ahead of us. All I ever wanted was to have a platform and now that we built the foundation for that we have an opportunity to extend and go from here. It’s all about remembering what’s happened in the first place and continue to work hard and push myself in the studio.

On his go-to outfit:

G: Black jeans, black t-shirt and my favorite leather jacket. It’s the same outfit whether I’m out at the boardwalk for the night, at the airport or I’m walking across stage.

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