Excision's 150,000 watts of sound


Canadian dubstep producer Jeff Abel will bring his high wattage act to the Egyptian Room at Old National Centre this Friday, April 11. But nobody calls Jeff Abel "Jeff Abel" (except maybe his mom). They call him Excision, because you call a superproducer whatever he wants you to call him.

Abel is in full tour mode as part of the Excision 2014 Tour, which marks the return of The Executioner stage, a massive video and light installation that is sure to add that extra bit of pizzazz to the show.

"Last year was a huge learning experience for us. It was our first time doing a huge stage with so many moving parts and different types of technology. This time around we've got a ton of experience under our belt to really fine-tune everything to work better together, and the sum of all the parts is now much greater," Abel said.

Did I mention that Abel likes loud music -- like, really loud music? The Excision tour brings with it 150,000 watts of music to the Egyptian Room. In case you didn't know, that's loud; the place is going to be rocking like a magnitude-10 earthquake.

And if you haven't heard Excision's music before, you're in for a wild night. It's far out; a unique sci-fi theme really sets it aside from anything else. Abel is an avid sci-fi fan himself and says that he's currently into shows and movies that feature crazy futuristic technology. Hints the robotic, machine like vocals prevalent in recent Excision music.

As suggested in the song "Flip The Switch," make sure your "arms strapped into da chair so your body don't twitch" (although we don't foresee anyone sitting in 'da chair' during this show).

Abel is the founder of Destroid Records as well and he released a debut album, The Invasion in May of 2013 on the record. The full-length digital album was primarily produced by Excision but features collaborations from Downlink, Space Laces and Bassnectar.

Abel teamed up with Space Laces again in December of 2013 to release "Get Stupid."

"Space Laces is insanely talented, and I'm sure he is going to blow up and we'll never have time to collaborate in the future, but fortunately right now he can work with my crazy touring schedule. We'll get together at my studio or his and crank out an entire tune from start to finish in just a few days," Abel said.

The music video is on the same level of amazing as the song.

Despite the success of his latest album, Abel says he will shy away from albums for a while and continue the recent trend of releasing singles.

"I've done the album thing twice now. It's great but not only is it a huge pile of stress and expectations to meet the deadline; it also ends up with extended periods of no new music coming out," Abel said. "This year I'm going to try something different and aim to drop a single once per month."

I, for one, am excited about the idea of monthly releases from Excision because who doesn't like new music?

Fellow Canadian producer ill.Gates and French group Dirtyphonics will support Excision and be on the lookout for a dinosaur running around during the show, just a hunch.


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