DJs dish on dirty dancing

Scenes of Real Talks past

We've seen a lot go down on the dance floors of Indy (sometimes ... literally). Sweaty grinding revelers are expected – and things often get a lot raunchier. Hey, it's late, it's dark, there's copious amounts of hard liquor. Who better to tell tales of the dance floor for our Sex Issue than the DJs at the club watching it all? NUVO reached out to Indy's denizens of dance for their sexiest, dirtiest or just outright gross stories. Find full listings of dance nights in Indy online at And now, on to the stories ...

"Trouble-Gee and I were wrapping up Ground Control at Casba amid protests from two tall girls wearing very short dresses. Smelling good and looking gorgeous, they leaned in and begged us to spin one more record. We declined and so one of the girls continued the party in her own bombastic style – she tore off her dress and danced half-naked, aiming for her panties and bra next. (Trouble-Gee has photographic evidence.)"

— DJ Top Speed is at Mass Ave Pub every Sunday night for Dynamite! with DJ Salazar. Top Speed teaches at Deckademics.

"I would say the least sexiest/grossest thing I've ever seen on the dance-floor is people doing 'The Wobble' or pretty much any line-sort of party dances. The only exception to this is 'The Tootsie Roll.' "

— DJ Gabby Love spins at Social every Friday night for WTFriday with DJ Helicon.

"I know I've witnessed a ton of disturbing things over the years. Thankfully my brain has chosen to forget nearly all of that mess. The only thing that stands out as being extra weird took place at IU. I saw a woman perform fellatio on a guy under a hightop table just off to the side of the dance floor. She might've thought she was safe because it was fairly dark in there but plenty of people saw that go down."

— DJ Metrognome sets up at Coaches Tavern every Tuesday for Take That! Tuesdays and runs Deckademics, a new

DJ school in Broad Ripple.

"One time when I was DJing, I saw a group of ladies... celebrating someone's birthday that night. The odd thing about it was that they were all dressed as nuns! It kind of threw me for a spin because I was really thinking they were real nuns for a second. Can you picture these nuns at the bar, ordering shots, getting smashed and dancing to 'Baby Got Back?!' Def top 10 moments from DJing." 

— DJ Rican is out every Thursday at Sensu, Friday at Subterra and Saturday at Tantrum playing Latin music.

"As you know, Annie and I have deejayed a few monthly parties that have been known to be pretty risque (Let Go! and Real Talk to name a couple), and we have quite a few stories to tell about bad behavior beyond what anyone would describe as 'normal' for a club night... We also are sure to be partly responsible for a lot of hookups and unwanted pregnancies due to our DJ gigs.

"One time at Let Go! at The Lockerbie it was a normal packed house, wall-to-wall with hip young dancing fools making the windows sweat with condensation. A lovely lady on the dance floor vomited on her own cleavage in the middle of the crowd. She stopped dancing, pausing only for a moment before she shrugged it off and kept on with the boogie. Classy.

— The A-Squared DJs hold Real Talk at the White Rabbit Cabaret every second Saturday with Action Jackson.

"While one weirdest/grossest/sexiest/dirtiest doesn't necessarily jump out as the 'most memorable,' I am ready for this "twerking" revolution to be over with. The things my eyes see on a regular basis on the dance floor are definitely not G-Rated....and I have the pictures on my cell phone to prove it."

DJ Lockstar is in Year Three of his EDM Radio series, which you can stream at

"At one point in my career I would have responded to this question very differently but I've seen just how easily the spirited, sexy-dancing song requester can quickly become a low-hanging hot mess, spitting on the side of your face as she yells slurred dirty-talking booze breath directly in to your unprotected ear. Hey, no judgement from me though. We all have our nights.

Anyway, there isn't a story I can recall in particular, namely because I'm either directly involved or they've all run together ... That said, I've seen people straight up licking each others faces, oral sex in a corner, a couple mutually masturbating each other standing at the bar ordering drinks, oral sex behind the stage, lots of flashed privates, innumerable crotch rubs and chest grabs, oral sex on the stage, women on all fours twerking on a dirty 3 a.m. nightclub dance floor, oral sex behind the bar, broom closet humping, tongue-kissing a stranger after they vomit, and in the same vein and just as disgusting, seeing the same person kiss 15 different strangers through the course of a night.  

— Cool Hand Lex is an instructor for Deckademics and a DJ for Radio Now.

"I can't say I've seen anything too 'gross' on a dance floor here...other than 'The Electric Slide' and 'The Wobble.'"

— Rusty Redenbacher performs

regularly in Indianapolis.

"The sexiest thing I have ever seen on a dance floor is people who are down with the groove and are just riding the beat with not a care in the world in that moment."

— DJ Shiva performs all over the

United States.


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