A look Blvck in time

Sirius Blvck

Nicolas Askren remembers the first rap he ever wrote.

"I had a song called 'School's Out' when I was 12, and it was just about summer vacation," he recalls, laughing.

Things have come a long way since then for the emcee, whose childhood fascination with writing rhymes eventually blossomed into a pure love for hip-hop. Now more than a decade later, the artist known as Sirius Blvck prepares for the release of his latest full-length album, Light In The Attic on Indy label Rad Summer on Dec. 15, with a coinciding cassette release via Holy Infinite Freedom Revival.

Askren's latest effort marks the final piece in a three-part trilogy of albums with L.A.-based producer Bones of Ghosts (Paul Schneider) a teaming that started with 2013's excellent LP Ancient Lights.

"This record was really just me trying to have as much fun as I can and really just shed light, as opposed to casting this dark cloud," Askren says.

With the release of his latest album nigh, we compiled a timeline tracing Askren's musical journey, from his grade school days as a writer to more recent ones as a hip-hop powerhouse.