Lily and Madeleine

For Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz, Indianapolis’ Canterbury Park carries a lot of personal significance.

“When we were little, we would ride our bikes to the park with our friends and just talk about what we wanted to be as women when we grew up,” Madeline says. “[We talked about] what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go to school. It was just a place for us to imagine the future that we wanted.”

For this reason, the pair of musical sisters chose to title their 2019 album Canterbury Girls. Released on Feb. 22 via New West Records, Lily & Madeleine’s latest studio effort was co-produced by Grammy “Album Of The Year” winners Daniel Tashian and Ian Fitchuck—the masterful duo behind Kacey Musgraves’ Golden Hour. The duo will play to a hometown crowd this Friday, March 1, at Deluxe At Old National Centre  

Born and raised in Indianapolis, the Jurkiewicz sisters made their debut back in 2013 with an album they co-wrote with “musical uncle” Kenny Childers (Gentleman Caller, Mysteries of Life, Brando). “He’s just a really nice guy, and he fostered my excitement for songwriting and for music,” said Lily and a 2016 interview withMusical Family Tree. Indy music legend Paul Mahern (of the Zero Boys) also had a big hand in Lily & Madeleine’s early success.

“He has done so much for us,” Lily said of Mahern in the sisters’ 2016 interview with Musical Family Tree. “We wouldn’t even be doing what we’re doing if we hadn’t had met Paul. I don’t think we ever would’ve pursued music as a career if he hadn’t have pushed us.”

After working with Childers and Mahern on 2016’s Keep It Together, however, the Jurkiewicz sisters chose to go another direction with Canterbury Girls, composing most of the record on their own and teaming up with Daniel Tashian and Ian Fitchuck for production.

“We were kind of apprehensive about it because we had done every record except this one pretty much the same way with the same people,” Lily says. “This was our first record in Nashville.”

Lily & Madeleine originally crossed paths with Fitchuck and Tashian back in October 2017, but their time together was brief. “The first time we ever met them was as writing partners,” Madeleine says. “We met up with them and just co-wrote some songs.” Nevertheless, the sisters knew they wanted to work with the production duo on their latest record.

“We knew they were a tag team for production, and we definitely wanted to try and work with them,” Madeleine says. “But we weren’t sure if they were available or if they even cared to work with us. We worked it out through our label, and we are so grateful.”

Canterbury Girls was recorded over the span of 10 days in the studio, with Fitchuck and Tashian helping the sisters get the most out of their songs. “They obviously let us take the lead, but they also had great ideas,” Lily says. “The four of us made this record together, so everything on it is us.” Overall, the entire album-making process with Canterbury Girls felt natural to the Jurkiewicz sisters.

“They’re both dads,” Madeleine says. “They have the sweetest kids and the most beautiful families. I just feel like we fit really well together because Lily and I are sisters. It was just a really nice, easygoing relationship that we had with them.”

In addition to embracing this new process, Lily & Madeleine also explored new territory with their songwriting as well.

“Our previous work is more about contemplating the future, and this record is more about the past and the things that have influenced us,” Madeleine says. “Instead of, ‘Who are we going to be?’ It is kind of like, ‘What have we gone through to become who we are right now?’”

In going about this album a different way, the sisters ultimately learned more about themselves and their creative process.

“I really preferred the way that we made this record,” Lily says. “I feel like we had so much more control. We were working with not even half the number of people that we had been working with in the past for previous records. I think that forced us to take a bigger hand in everything.”


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