Tonic Ball 2018 is scheduled to go down on Nov. 16 in venues across Fountain Square. And we now have the official list of local acts that will be performing at the annual benefit for Second Helpings.

In looking over the 60+ artists performing this year, we are already getting quite hyped. You’ll have TribeSouL doing their best Beyoncé, Andy D showcasing an ABBA mash-up, S.M. Wolf belting out Elton John, and much, much more. So don’t go breaking our heart. Get out there and see as many acts as you can, while also fighting hunger.

Note: Tonic Ball 2018 is completely sold out. If you already have a ticket and would like further information on this year’s event, be sure to visit

Here’s the full lineup:

ABBA at White Rabbit Cabaret

  • Phyllis
  • Cara Jean Wahlers
  • The Lovemeknots
  • The Long Arm
  • Vess Ruhtenberg
  • There Are Ghosts
  • Lily & Madeleine
  • Andy D
  • Awake the Wilde
  • Ashley and The Cosmos
  • Oh! Europa
  • Rock E Bassoon
  • Robin Goodfellow
  • The Failers
  • Tracksuit Lyfestile

Beyoncé at Pioneer

  • Pork N Beans Brass Band
  • Emily Morrone
  • ASH ROCK Women
  • Chamber Music
  • Mr. Kinetik
  • TribeSouL
  • Sweet Poison Victim
  • Brother O' Brother
  • Lisa Frank and the Trapper Keepers
  • Elliot Bigger
  • Books, the SoulScholar
  • Christine Nicole
  • Misprintz

Johnny Cash at Fountain Square Theatre

  • Steve Fulton
  • John Boyle
  • The Midtown Mad Men
  • Whoa!Tiger
  • Rick Dodd and the Dickrods
  • Eric Salazar
  • Cole Woodruff
  • Frank Dean
  • Jake Schlegel
  • The Cold Hearts
  • Stockwell Road
  • Skyfall Steel Orchestra
  • The Spirtles
  • Moxxie
  • CW & the Working Class Trio
  • Scarlet Water
  • The Red Rash

Elton John at HI-FI

  • Lani & the Tramps
  • The New Trad Ramblers
  • Rooms featuring Matt Mays
  • Caleb McCoach
  • Byrd & The Words (band) or Jeff Byrd (solo)
  • Brian Deer & The Achievers
  • Matt Mays & Howard
  • Bomb Dylan
  • Mina & the Wondrous Flying Machine
  • Sarah Grain & the Billions of Stars
  • S.M. Wolf
  • The Common
  • Coolidge
  • Jomberfox
  • Tommy Icarus
  • Black Plastic Glasses
  • Finest Grain
  • Meghan Cristeen Martin

Pearl Jam at Radio Radio

  • Half The Neighborhood
  • Chris Wilson and The Heresy
  • InCalico
  • The Trumans
  • Chad Mills
  • Jeff Kelly and the Graveyard Shift
  • Bullet Points
  • The Half Step Sisters
  • DysFUNKtion Brass
  • Jason Andrew Brown
  • Jessica Albatross
  • Streaker
  • Pinky and the Basterds
  • The Arc of Etheline
  • We're Not Squibnocket

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