Jazz after-sets

Knowledgeable jazz devotees look forward to when the stages go dark at the Kroger Indy Jazz Festival. That’s when the “jazz after-sets” begin. Jazz greats who took a main stage earlier in the evening gather at local jazz venues for some serious jamming. In the past, jams between Indy jazz artists and visiting jazz luminaries have lasted until sunrise.

The Jazz Kitchen has prepared a rare gathering of Indy’s modern jazz masters for two nights of exceptional jazz. Performing Friday, June 13 and Saturday, June 14 under the heading of “Indy Jazz Legacy Jam” are organist Melvin Rhyne, drummer “Killer”Ray Appleton, trumpeter Pharez Whitted and Rob Dixon on the tenor sax. After-set starts at 10 p.m. and admission is $12.

Downtown at the Chatterbox, which has hosted live jazz for 25 years, three exciting jazz groups will be on stage for three nights of jamming. Friday, June 13, it’s the Impossible Jazz Collaboration. Saturday, June 14, hear the hard-swinging straight-ahead sounds of the Uptown Jazz Quartet. Music both nights runs from 10 p.m.-1:30 a.m. with admission at $5.

Sunday, June 15, Cathy Morris and Friends host their open stage jam session from 8-11 p.m. with no cover charge.

Jazz etiquette

There seems to be some confusion about when to applaud when listening to jazz. The rules are the same no matter if you’re at a festival (say, Indy Jazz Fest) or a club (Indy Jazz Fest after-sets at the Jazz Kitchen). At the conclusion of the tune, you should reward the group for their efforts with a round of applause. How much should you clap? That’ll vary depending on how much the music moved you.

Should you applaud after every solo regardless of the instrument? Yes! The artist is telling you a story, a spontaneous interpretation of melody and chords. You should clap regardless, but again, how long and hard you clap depends on the degree her or his solo impacted you musically or rhythmically. Whether the artist blows a brilliant solo or not, and whether you hear from the rhythm section or frontline horns, reward your musicians with applause.

Retro Jack Gilfoy

For three hours last Sunday at the Jazz Kitchen, friends and family gave departed drummer/educator Jack Gilfoy a heartfelt sendoff. Dr. David Peters of the IUPUI music department directed the young 20-member IUPUI Jazz Ensemble in a spirited performance. Gilfoy, director of jazz and music business studies at IUPUI, directed the group until his death.

Representing Gilfoy’s generation of sidemen, trumpeter Steve Robinette led the Jazz State of Indiana group in a rousing set. Sue Gilfoy, Jack’s wife, summed up the entire event. “He loved this; he has to be smiling,” she said. “There were moments of great emotion.”



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