For Taylor Swift, one of country music's hottest artists, the term "day off" is a misnomer.

"A day off for me is one where I'm home in Nashville and I'm able to sleep in my own bed," says Swift. "But even on my days off I'm going to my label's office or to my management company's office.

"With the career path I've chosen I don't believe it's right for me to expect to have days where I can have complete solitude. Besides, my mind is always racing, thinking about my music or my shows."

When it comes to her music, Swift continues to hone her songwriting skills, a talent she first displayed at the age of twelve. Swift says that her songs have been based on things that have happened to her ever since her days in middle school.

"Writing songs is involuntary for me at this point," admits Swift. "When something happens to me I tend to think of a chorus or a chorus and a verse. My albums have been my diaries - "Taylor Swift" was the diary of my life ages 14 to 16 years old and "Fearless" was the diary of my life ages 16 to 18. And my next album will be a diary from age 18 to that point in my life."

Both of Swift's albums have "crossed over" to the pop charts, an accomplishment she believes happened in part because "I don't write songs to fit a certain format. Musical heroes of mine, like Shania Twain and the Dixie Chicks, their music transcended genres."

After working as an opening act for some of country music's biggest names - McGraw (and his wife Faith Hill), Brad Paisley, George Strait and Rascal Flatts - 19-year-old Swift is now headlining her own tour. And like the other facets of her career, Swift has had a hand in designing what her fans will see and hear during her concerts.

"I've always been a fan of musical theater and felt that it should have a place in my shows," admits Swift. "I like for people to see different visuals during my show and that's why it's broken into three acts. There's not an intermission between each act, just a change in the visuals, ones that incorporate elements of surprise."

Swift says that while she has received advice from several artists over the past few years, she hasn't been asked for guidance by Kellie Pickler or the female members of the band Gloriana, the opening acts on her "Fearless" tour.

"Kellie Pickler and I have been best friends for two years now," says Swift. "She likes to take my cell phone and delete the numbers of guys she doesn't want me to talk to. Kellie doesn't really ask me for advice she tells me what to do.

"Cheyenne and Rachel (the girls in Glorianna) are about my age so they usually ask me 'boy questions'. It seems that lately I've been giving my friends love advice, which is kind of funny since I don't have a love life right now."

According to Swift she really enjoys the opportunity to hang out with the other young ladies who have been on the road with her this year.

"It's really cool not talking industry with them but rather just hanging out and talking 'girl talk'."


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