Mahern, also known as Mahan Kalpa, is an accomplished recording producer and Kundalini yogi. Q: What is the worst thing that ever happened to popular music?

A: The ego.

Q: What is the best thing happening right now?

A: Love.

Q: Who is your favorite pop culture icon?

A: God.

Q: Bloomington, Ind., is a hotbed of rock and roll. Who do you see as the true gems?

A: Secretly Canadian and John Wilkes Booze.

Q: Is there a short answer to what led you to becoming a yogi?

A: I have always been on a spiritual journey. I did Hatha yoga for a few years on and off but it never did become a daily practice. Freda Love from the Mysteries of Life introduced me to Kundalini yoga and it just stuck.

Q: Where does Paul end and where does Mahan begin?

A: They are one and the same person. Mahan Kalpa is my spiritual name given to me by Yogi Bhajan, my spiritual teacher and Kundalini master.

Q: When you record, what determines the name for which the credit is allotted?

A: However I am moved at the time. I like to have fun with credits.

Q: What’s the story on Mahan Kalpa’s House of Aquarian Age Transformation?

A: Same thing, I just like to have fun. I change the name of my home studio all the time.

Q: Of all you’ve recorded, is there a particular project you are proud of?

A: I am very proud of Vicious Circle by the Zero Boys, and also The Five Pillars of Soul by John Wilkes Booze. But I really love the day-to-day process of making records. I tend to get into whatever I am working on at any given moment.

Q: Are there any particular records you regret making before you found yoga power?

A: I have no regrets. It is not a good idea to think much about the past. My goal is to live in the moment. Also, we should not even know our demerits; we should build on our positive attributes. In that way our negative ego gets smaller because it is not being fed.

Q: In all your Mellencamp adventures in recording, have you ever suggested yoga to him?

A: We talk about it from time to time. I think he is intrigued but he has not started a practice yet. I have hope for him.

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