Who are you currently working with in the studio?  Most projects I co-produce with my twin brother Marc. Currently we are working with Otis Gibbs, Jane Jenson, Sidereal, Trainwreck, Chevy Downs, John Waite, Wonderdrug and Archie’s Address. We usually keep about four to eight projects going simultaneously.

Who are some of the high profile artists who have stopped in to the studio to record?

Jurassic 5, John Waite, Tiffany, Kyle Cook of Matchbox 20 are the more nationally-known artists; however, we are more proud of the local artists who have made amazing records with us like Transmatic, Extra Blue Kind, The Fuglees, Resurface, DENT, Sindacato, Niswander, RockSoup, The Common, PD&T and Diamonds & Rust.

What brings them to the Pop Machine?

It’s a state of the art studio that has a wonderful vibe. When artists book the room, they basically live there with no distractions and can focus on their art. As a producer and engineer, who would you fantasize about working with? Locally, Loretta, Devil to Pay, Johnny Angel and Seth Horan. Nationally, I would love to make a record with Guided by Voices.

Is there a particular record you’re looking forward to being released?

The Resurface album we produced is done and the labels are already going crazy. It’s like an STP meets Staind. It will blow up huge on modern rock radio.

Who are some of your favorite artists currently?

I love the rock gods (The Who, David Bowie, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix). I am currently listening to Travis, Paloalto, Year of the Rabbit, Powderfinger, Jet and Brand New as well as Blink 182, which is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Favorite locals?

Bob Bullock, The Fuglees, Unreel, Chevy Downs, Resurface, Sidereal, Late Show, The Pieces, Joe Cheesman, Transmatic, Trainwreck, Devil to Pay, Loretta, Jane Jenson, Zero Boys, DENT, Sindacato.

What is the most relevant trend happening in popular music today?

Artists becoming totally anti-establishment and making great records on their own.

How has working on the production side of the business affected you as a musician?

Even though I can play musical instruments, I consider myself a great listener to music. I am kind of a professional fan. I listen to music like a 13-year-old girl in Iowa does, I want the song to truly move me, I want to be born again every time I hear it.