Angie Taksony is a staple of Punk Rock Night and an Indianapolis music scene photographer.How did you get into photography?

I took photography in high school and college, but I never did anything with it until we started Punk Rock Night. Once we started the Web site it became apparent that people loved checking out the pictures of themselves at So we got a new camera and I’ve been there ever since. That’s also when I got excited about local music and where these great local bands are going to be in the future.

Why do you continue taking pictures?

I like helping bands. Anytime a band needs photos for their Web sites, I always tell them they are more than welcome to copy them right off of our Web site. That way, they get lots of pictures without having to pay someone to do it. I also take pics for press kits for free. I just like doing it for fun, so I figure I might as well help out some of these bands that are broke.

What do you think makes Indy interesting?

I think there’s some great people here doing great things. Matt Chandler doing the Free Zone, Jimmy Pruitt with Groove Truck, Matt Fecher with IMN. These are all people that are trying to make a difference in the local scene and I’d like to think that PRN has carved out a niche, too.

What’s the line of fire at PRN like?

When the Melody Inn is packed on a Saturday night you kind of have to perceive it as a war zone. There’s tons of shit flying through the air, the floor is wet, bodies are hurling towards you, and at some point you’re definitely going to get soaked in beer. My main priority is always to make sure nothing happens to the camera.

Who are your favorite bands to shoot?

I’d have to say John Wilkes Booze and Sex Tiger are two of my favorites. They have great stage presence and a great sound. I love photographing bands that actually do something on stage instead of just standing there. It makes it a lot more interesting for everyone.

What has the installation of PRN done to Indy in your opinion?

I think the combination of PRN and Dave and Rob at the Melody is a great thing. I think we’ve brought some great bands here that Indianapolis would never have seen otherwise.