The Rock House Cafe was packed to the gills Friday night

with fans coming to see BulletBoys, a second-tier hair metal band that had

about 6.3 seconds of fame in the late eighties before Nirvana shut down the

hair band business. Although the

BulletBoys were pretty damn good back in the day— and their blend of AC/DC hooks and David Lee Roth

swagger was refreshing at a time when poodle bands like Winger and White Lion

were the norm — I didn't expect the place to be so full, especially with

two feet of ice on the ground. It's safe to say that metal is alive and well in

the city.

I got there in time to see Raven's Keep's lead singer try

her best to kill us with some catastrophic warbling. It also didn't help any

that the band looked like a geek club nightmare. Stoned on the Nile was hardly

any better. Three creepy looking old guys playing up front with their poor

nephew singer trying his best to come off as a post-grunge Guy Fieri.

But as awful these bands were, they were the reason so many

people were in the place. There was barely a peep about the show on both Rock

House and BulletBoys web sites, so if it weren't for these opening bands and

their legion of Facebooking fans, this show would've gone unnoticed.

Still, when Bulletboys came on the stage, they didn't

disappoint, head Boys Marq Torien and bassist Lonny Vencent offering up a nice

set of rock. And the old guys were smart enough to get a couple of younger guys

to back them up. Songs like "THC Groove," "Hard as a Rock" and "Kissin' Kitty"

we throwbacks to a time when songs about partying and pussy were lurid, un-PC

and ass-rocking.

But all anybody wanted to hear was the band's cover of the

O'Jays's "For the Love of Money" and the other MTV staple "Smooth Up In

Ya."So, the band gave the crowd a

killer-diller version of"...Money"

that completely rocked the, umm, House. Then they let all the females in the

place know exactly what the band was going to do to their lady-parts on a

torrid "Smooth..."

Say what you will about The Rock House Café, Raven's Keep or

BulletBoys, but a show like this, as painful as it can be, really reaffirms

one's faith in the power of rock and roll.


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