What a tough year it's been for brothers Tom and Mike Gossin. As one half of the country music act Gloriana, the Gossins have been on the road since February with their bandmates Rachel Reinert and Cheyenne Kimball, as well as Kellie Pickler and the tour headliner Taylor Swift.

"Mike and I consider ourselves the two luckiest guys in country music today," says Tom Gossin, "being on the road with the four hottest young ladies in the business!"

Gloriana has been on the road with Swift and Pickler since February and will wrap up the tour later this month.

"It's really been fun for all of us, Gossin says. We've had a great time on the road with Taylor and Kellie. It's been like summer camp and we've been wishing it would never end."

Gloriana is definitely one of country music's hottest new acts. Their self-titled debut CD premiered at #3 on Billboard's Top 200 and at #2 on the Bilboard Country Album Chart. The album had the best first-week sales of any new country artist in 2009, and the first single "Wild At Heart" is the best-selling song by a new country act in 2009, selling more than 350,000 copies to date.

The songs on "Gloriana" feature not only the band's tight vocal harmonies but their ability to play songs steeped in country music as well as tunes with a pop/rock feel.

Gossin admits that he and the band "did have high expectations with this album. We wanted to make an album where every song could potentially be a single. We approached the making of this record like it was our only shot."

To achieve their goal, the band spent a year-and-a-half making the record. With experience in producing music, Tom and Mike spent a lot of time "taking each song apart and putting them back together in a way that we felt would make the most of our band's vocals and instruments."

While they've been on the road this year, the members of Gloriana have made the most of their opportunity to learn the ropes of the music business from Swift, someone close to their own age who has become a very successful and popular artist.

"Taylor has definitely got it down," says Gossin. "She handles it all so well. We learn from her on a daily basis. We don't sit around and talk about the music business, but we've definitely learned a lot from being on this tour with her."

Once the tour with Swift ends, the members of Gloriana get only five days off before they're back on the road. According to Gossin, the band will be on the road for nearly a year, doing shows with the likes of Jason Aldean and Alan Jackson.

"We are definitely the hardest working band in country music!"


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