Final shows for current Margot lineup

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The era of the "Margot bunch," the eight-strong scrappy collective working and living together, has come to an end. The band's shows this weekend in Indianapolis (Sept. 4 at the Vogue) and Bloomington (Sept. 5 at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater) will be the last with the current lineup. Guitarist Andy Fry, drummer Chris Fry, keyboardist Emily Watkins, trumpeter Hubert Glover and auxiliary percussionist Casey Tennis will be leaving the band, according to an e-mail from Andy Fry. "Basically, our lives have changed so much in the past few years that it was becoming too difficult to sustain such a large band," Fry explains. "The family has kind of drifted apart and life and all of life's problems just pile up, every day. It's sad, but I think we all feel like we need to deal with some of those issues for awhile."

The remaining members - lead singer and songwriter Richard Edwards, violinist Erik Kang and bassist Tyler Watkins - have begun working on a third Margot album in Chicago, which Edwards now calls home. "Obviously, it will probably sound a bit different," Fry says of the album, "but Richard is still Richard. There are a lot of great songs in the running for this record. I expect it to come out really well. Conceptually, it will just be much less ornamented in arrangement than the first two records, which the songs can certainly support. There is a flippant humor emerging in a lot of the songs which is really interesting. It reminds me of hanging out with Richard on our back porch, which is nice." (Fry notes that, while one could say that Margot has moved to Chicago, it'll always be an "Indy band" to him.)

Fry plans to stick around Indianapolis and continue making music: "I love this city. I think I'm someone who derives a lot of pleasure from knowing my surroundings intimately and finding little hidden treasures that only reveal themselves through patience. Richard likes to say I am a "whittler," and I have to agree. This town is full of undiscovered and under-appreciated music and art. It's also a great place to dumpster-dive. I have a house here and a studio that I've been lucky enough to share with the band and people I really look up to and learn from. I'm looking forward to being there and making more music."

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