Dude Fest at ES Jungle, July 10



still nursing a swollen ankle and sunburned face from Warped Tour, I thought it

would be a good idea to head out to Dude Fest for some more brutality. As I

approached the E.S. Jungle Saturday night, I noticed a sizable gathering of

cut-off shorts, macho tattoos and sleeveless black tees outside, most of them

inhabited by people.


the crowd of close to 200 looked on as heavy-hitters from the national

grind/noise/hardcore scene went wild. Playing to the Dude Fest crowd,

Bloomington's Racebannon went easy on the dance-metal jams (like their most

recent single "Wrap the Body") and stuck to the hard and heavy sound that

earned them their reputation.


Bodies stole the show with their explosive set. Not only was their music

spot-on, but their stage antics were absolutely perfect. Their performance

began when co-vocalist Thomas spat strawberry milk at the crowd. They then

raged through all their best work, and by the end, both frontmen had lived up

to Dudefest's exhibitionistic reputation by giving the crowd full-frontal flashes.


on Radar, freshly united after an eight-year pause and sounding tight and

noisy, closed out the show and the second and final day of the fest. Frontman

Eric Paul gave a truly energetic performance and reminded the crowd why they

were the headlining act.


Fest was a blast, but with dwindling attendance and rising costs, it could be

in its last year. We'll be lucky to see even a reduced one-day Fest next year.