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Climax at the Melody Inn on Halloween

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Halloween, Devil’s Night, the Eve of All Hallows — whatever you call it, October 31 is pretty much the natural holiday of the gothic-industrial scene. So it’s no surprise that the Melody Inn saw a healthy crowd of the creepy-crawly, black-clad and generally dark on Halloween, courtesy of the Climax event hosted by goth-industrial veterans Copper Top and Krazy Karoline and featuring half a dozen DJs from around the region.

Things didn’t actually get moving in a big way until after midnight, which also comes as no surprise — the Goths come out to play at the same time Sammy Terry is just about to call it a night. But once the Mel started to fill up, you had your pick of sights — the main floor where DJs provided tremendous thumping beats for dancing enjoyment, the quieter atmosphere of the PBR lounge, which was characterized by quieter but still appealing industrial rhythms, and the outdoor beer garden where fire dancers and jugglers warmed up the night.

And on the main floor, the dancing itself was the primary attraction — there’s nothing quite like watching the intricate gyrations a field of dancers can apply to the likes of Apoptygma Berserk or whatever the latest remixes of perennial anthems such as “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” and “Dead Man’s Party” can bring, everyone putting their own unique spin on the sounds.

This is a scene known for its elaborate costuming, and Halloween just tends to bring out the most exotic and elaborate of them. So the costume contest was quite competitive — and gory — bringing out Dead Snoopy, Half-Decapited Marie Antoinette and Zombie Cheerleader among others. The big winner of the night, though, was Prom Queen Dumpster Baby, nominated by near-unanimous applause and acclaim. Ah, this is a scene that will never let me down.