Cool blue lights rested on glass hanging above the vast and decorative Palladium at the Center for Performing Arts in Carmel Wednesday afternoon, as five individuals took the stage to announce Carmel's newest musical relationship. 

The Grammy Museum has sought to create lasting bonds between major historical musical sights nationwide. And the Center for the Performing Arts and its Great American Songbook Foundation has just joined the list as one of the five locations of the Museum’s partnerships around the world.

"We are here to share the news that our foundation is a now named a cultural affiliate of the Grammy museum," announced Chris Lewis, the Foundation's executive director. “We [now] share this with four other institutions in the world."

The other locations include the Bob Marley Museum in Jamaica, the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa, The Beatles Story in Liverpool, England, and the National Blues Museum in St. Louis. 

Center for Performing Arts CEO Jeff McDermontt, The Songbook Foundation founder Michael Feinstein and Lewis all joined Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard to announce to the public the affiliation as the Center welcomed Grammy museum director Bob Santelli.

"Why Carmel Indiana?” asked and answered Santelli. “The Great American Songbook Foundation and the great work they have done, the commitment that the community has for the arts." 

The Grammy Museum opened in 2008, and is established in several different places nationally and globally. It is a non-profit organization designed to enrich the understanding of musical history within the nation, increase musical education and to preserve musical history.

The American Songbook Foundation hosts something like 100,000 documents, images, recordings and other artifacts of 20th century musical history. It also regularly invites promising youth the chance to attend its yearly academy -- which just so happened to be taking place during this announcement.

According to Lewis the Foundation is "Already working with the Grammy Museum on some collaborative adventures."

"To create a link, to have the opportunity to have this collaboration is something that we feel is sort of like a gift from God,” said Feinstein, who, before helming the Songbook Foundation, received five different Grammy nominations for his work. “It aligns us with an organization that will make it possible for us to grow in leaps and bounds in accomplishing the goals of our mission." 

The mayor further stated his belief in the city of Carmel’s commitment to the arts, listing instances where the city has gathered attention nationally and how the museum partnership with only further that.

"A new collaboration for the Grammy museum to bring together Los Angeles, California and Carmel, Indiana," said the Grammy director.