Bryce Vine returns to Indy after recent visit for Hot 96.3's Santa Slam.

Bryce Vine is known for making a clever quip or two in his songs. Not surprisingly, the L.A.-based rapper and singer is a big fan of comedy.

“Stand-up comedy is my favorite thing besides music,” he says, adding that a few of his all-time favorite comics include Bill Burr, Dave Chappelle, and Richard Pryor. “I love watching it. I love going to shows. Besides music, it just makes people feel better amongst everything else.”

After recently visiting Indianapolis to perform at Hot 96.3’s Santa Slam, Vine returns to the city again for a headlining show at Deluxe in Old National Centre on Saturday, Feb. 16. With a forthcoming full-length on the way titled Carnival, Vine made his biggest splash in 2017 with the breakthrough single “Drew Barrymore,” which now has more than 104 million plays on Spotify.

Originally born in New York, Vine and his mother eventually moved to L.A., where his mother pursued a career as an actress. Even from a young age, he remembers music always being “a source of happiness.” “My mom and me would sing Disney movies when I was growing up, and I knew all the words from her,” Vine recalls. “She had a nice singing voice, so it was nice to listen to her sing too.”

Around the age of 10, he remembers hearing “Do You Want It” by Tupac for the first time, kick-starting his love for rap music. Later on in his teenage years, Vine also gave the whole band thing a try as well.

“I started a punk band in high school with a lesbian girl in my journalism class who played drums,” Vine says. “That’s really how I started writing songs every day. I would look forward to rehearsals. It was just so much fun to play music with people. That was really the jump-off for me.”

While attending Berklee College of Music, Vine befriended Nolan Lambroza (a.k.a. Sir Nolan), who has since become his producing partner. “I think Nolan and me work well together because our brains are very opposite,” Vine says. “He’s very analytical and the kind of person who knows how to finish something. And I’m an artist. I love to move on to different things. I can never gather thoughts all the way, but I have great ideas.”

It was Sir Nolan that helped Vine transform a voice memo into his massive hit song “Drew Barrymore.”

“I always record little voice memos everywhere I go,” Vine says. “I heard this idea that Julia Michaels had left me on my phone because Nolan and her used to date when she first started writing.” Already with an instrumental ready to go, the two melded everything together into a “Frankenstein project” that wound up working.

“I went in trying to write a song that focused more on how a girl makes you feel and what kind of person she is without talking about looks,” Vine says. “I was just like, ‘I’m gonna make a romantic song where it doesn’t talk about how hot this girl is.’”

More recently, Vine has shifted focus to his forthcoming album titled Carnival. “Everything is a work in progress until it’s out,” he says of the album. “Technically, I guess the last time I put out a body of work was 2016.” At the end of the day, he sees Carnival as being a reflection of how his mind works.

“There’s a lot going on,” he says. “It’s very colorful, but it’s all within one theme. I just want people to be able to use the album as a soundtrack for whatever they’re doing in their life.”

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