Thursday, Dec. 29,

The Hoosier Dome

I must admit, I wasn't familiar with Tiger's Jaw when the show's promoter Joe Adams insisted that I check out their Thursday night performance at The Hoosier Dome.

"It's gonna be wild. The place will be packed. Everybody loves these guys," he assured me.

I was tempted to write off his glowing praise as standard promoter hype, but I took him at his word and ventured out to the DIY punk rock venue, located a few blocks east of Fountain Square.

He was right. I arrived at The Hoosier Dome at 9:15, a few minutes before the Scranton band took the stage. The house was packed and a sense of anticipation was hanging in the air. That anticipation quickly turned to adrenaline as the quintet launched into their opening song amid a flurry of reckless stage divers.

Tiger's Jaw maintained a frenetic pace throughout their brief 45-minute set, reaching a climax during a chaotic, high-spirited encore performance of the Nirvana classic "Breed." The encore featured opening act Captain, We're Sinking vocalist Bobby Barnett.

  • Artur Silva
  • Captain, We're Sinking vocalist Bobby Barnett

Musically, Tiger's Jaw offers no great revelations. Their emotional and poppy punk rock sound recalls '90s acts like Jawbreaker and Sunny Day Real Estate. However, the group pillages its bank of influences with respectable aplomb, competent musicianship and undeniable passion. All of this equals up to one of the most fun and energetic rock shows I've attended this year.


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